Monday, 11 January 2016

Let's Talk ... About Your PUMP!

The Gas Tank must never be low!

It’s time to focus on getting the actions done.. let's work!
You have your test run ready and you’re about to get the GPS on, and you are short on gas…. Yes, let's start over, by getting in some fuel engaging activity in your car, bus and fill that time on your way to work.
Technology is great. Invest in a smartphone – low end, high end, any end is fine , just ensure you can download some Mobile Apps to engage in some positive vibrations. Some folks will still invest in Cd’s MP3’s MP4’s , I pods, whatever is available keep your mind engaged in something which can get you gassed up!
I love Jack Welch & Les Brown – who inspires you?
Don’t let a lack of available technology stop you. Imagine the day, and how it will work out positively. Have some positive self-talk, pray, sing, just keep a momentum of ‘Happy’!
Your customers, colleagues, business partners and associates will respond to your ‘positive pump!’
Carry your pump with you. It will be the Midas in your touch, and your very own stash of premium fuel!
Your self esteem comes from within and it needs charging up from time to time with fuel. Getting pumped, keeps your self esteem on a high and you will fly!
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