Just Thinking Out Loud: The Absent Friend

In this world there will be many people we do not get a chance to meet. We won't be able to become friends or to share experiences because life ended before we met. Last year as I looked around at the many horrors that faced the world an ache came into my heart. Yes, I felt sorry and sad for the families and friends of those persons who passed on to their next life after death.

While we are here on this earth, each day is an opportunity to meet someone we did not know before. There are many refugees and immigrants who have no choice but to leave their homes and families to find a place to call home. Some will be successful, and others will die trying. Is it so hard to love the person who needs a place to call home? We are absent when we are not there. This is for all the persons who lost their lives through the crimes faced from terrorism, civil unrest, genocide, famine, hate crimes against humanity.

The Absent Friend

I love you my friend,
I did not see or know you
I’m so sure our paths would never cross
and the cross you bear is not your own
For we are lost
As a humanity
I have not paused to say I’m sorry
Or share my condolences
You are gone, your life
A mystery to me

And I do wish that I could find a way
To take that bullet on your behalf
Give you a chance to speak
I want to say, I am so sorry
Now my words mean nothing to you
I am lost, and you have gone
From this place, you once belonged

I have no words to give to your family
As they cry and share their tears,
They have lost all your happy years
So now they grieve,
With a pain I could never understand
You left without a plan
My anger and rage it burns inside
For I have never met you, and my love I cannot hide

I am so sorry, I did not get to see you smile
Or sit next to you in a train, or plane or car
I am so sorry, I will never hear you laugh
You had so much to share so much to say
Forgive me, Forgive me,
I live,
Forgive me, I would gladly give you hope
In this crazy senseless world
Cause it’s all I have to offer at this time
It’s now not enough
You are now an absent friend of mine

This is a song, and a story from my heart
I did not see the bomb, and nor did you
The time it came, when the guns waged its own war
With a militant at your door
Taking your freedom
Now I don’t know, how to say
I’m so sorry; I grieve in my own way
Because you are gone
But my absent friend in my heart, you do live on

I am stopping for a moment to say I love you
And someone else loved you too
I’m stopping, and pausing to give your life
A chance, for someone to grieve, because you meant more
Than a memory
Than a word
You are the stories never told
You are somewhere that we go
When we are gone
I love you, forever
You shared my life because you were born.


Poem first published in July 2016...

Closer to Home

My world was rocked a bit last week with a double murder in my neighborhood. I knew the young men killed  through casual interaction, and because I was a customer of their car wash services. They died because someone decided they should not live. They were not in gangs, nor were they involved in any illegal activity. A young businessman  and an employee. It's alleged that the business owner refused to pay a 'protection tax to criminals'. Whatever the reason, I saw those guys getting up early and opening the business place. Twenty-two and twenty-seven. I will write more about it, maybe. For now, I'm reflecting and just needed to say , we never know what our own story will be, or that of our own children and family / friends. 

Crime is universal. Hate is universal. Love is universal. Humanity is who we are. We are a part of the human race.   

Thank you for reading, sharing and understanding!

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Just Thinking Out Loud: Don't Be My Valentine

Its that time again, and I'm just thing out loud for those who are celebrating the occasion!

Don't Be My Valentine

I'm not looking for roses,
Don't send me a bouquet.
I'm not feeling for your chocolates
Don't get me started on even cake
I'm not feeling for the date night
Nor the sentiments of love
Why do you wait on Valentines Day
To give me all the above?

I'm not feeling for your phone call
To ask me out, for dinner this time
I'm not waiting for a special song
The one, that says "you'll always be mine"
I'm not trying to be difficult
Really, I'm not sure you can see
Why do you wait for Valentines Day
To say - I love you, my boo, my baby?

I'm not going to try to tell you
About all the days you made me cry
I'm not even going to give you
One more reason, to stay at my side
I'm still the person you met so long ago
The one you promised to be faithful to
Why should I wait for just one day
To hear you love me too?

To all of those who are celebrating
And happy to spruce up and get dressed
To all the loving couples
Who are somehow today feeling blessed
I'm not trying to rain on your parade
I just want this love you feel to be
Much more than a single celebration
Of a commercial, happy meal

It's not the things that he will give you
Or the way she makes you feel
Its not the things he says he can do
Nor the way she lives your dreams
Its about a love that can find forgiveness
Comfort and compromise
Its about a love which will withstand challenges
In the face of all that brings tears to your eyes
Its about the sustaining love that goes beyond
The treasure of one time
If you can't share the things right above
Don't be my Valentine!

If this post resonates with you, lets share some love and comments with each other #LoveBeyondValentines


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League of Legends… ‘NGOTB’(New gamer on the block)

Change at any age

This all started when I read an article on Medium “ I’m learning to code at 56. Here’s an epic beat-down of my inner critical self.” by VM Vaughn. The guy is a bit older than I am and he has the guts to try coding — something I want to try. It was a real ‘soul bearing’ post, with a lot of lessons on being open to change — whatever your age! If you have not read it, I’m urging you to take a read.

Its all about perspectives

There is a whole lot of baloney we can buy into, if we keep our heads firmly buried in the sand. Think I managed to yank my very dusty head out of the rubble of misconception recently, when I decided to tackle League of Legends. Yes. I did it.

If there are any parents, older feeling folks, sanctimonious religious people, narrow minded oblivious brethren, and archaic thinking soothsayers, my advice to you is — try it! I like the way the game played me. It really did, and I enjoyed my first efforts so much, it only took twelve hours to keep me away from the computer!

I had much to reflect on when one of my sons decided to leave home a few months ago. We are good- but I did some soul searching to revisit some of the things I stressed him out about. Let’s face it, if I was #MomOfTheYear he would not want to leave. Thus after much thought (it was not very long or hard ) I figured out gaming could be enemy number one, or I could embrace this scary phenomenon and battle till I won.

League Of Legends Review

Okay, so let me share my first impressions from a new ‘mommyviewer’ on League of Legends.
This game is awesome! Yes, it sure is. I died so many times during the learning game I thought I would be banished. You get to live more than three times in a game, once you figure out how to retreat and power up your character. I like Ashe, an exile with a bow and arrow. I felt like yes we have similar characteristics, we are both experiencing being an outsider, and have to use our inner skills to survive.

Let me tell you about the first battle. There are the minions who I’m supposed to stay behind. I also have to use four fingers on my left hand while using my right hand to maneuver the mousepad and click. I’ve got so many things to remember, and then I’m also supposed to kill the bad guys. I forgot to tell you, please do this solo first. You can appreciate the help from random gamers who will play with you and the value of teamwork after!

It is crazy, exhilarating, funny the way I forgot the stuff players must remember. After you die a few times, you want to stay alive. You want to be strong, and coordinated, and as smart as the ‘poor’ son you chastised for playing with imaginary people. Suddenly, I realized I was in his world, and maybe, I liked what I was doing! Surprise. The first game was over and I felt accomplished, and eager not to die so many times the next time.

Sleep was hard after that first game. I was planning my next trip to that fantasy land within gamer world.

The next morning, before breakfast I was back online. I put the kettle on then went to my desk, and there it was waiting for me. I saw an option for another game, this time with gamers. I forgot about plans to read, watch videos about League of Legends before going back. I started and there were people running out with names. Of course I chose Ashe as my character, feeling loyal to my first alter ego. It was great, I was actually in a battle. I raised the volume , something I would complain about before, seemed necessary, and I was mesmerized. The kettle was whistling like crazy, but I could only leave for ten seconds or else I would be penalized for abandoning my team. Damn, this was tough. How could I stop? It took 15 seconds to get back, no coffee in hand. I got a warning on the screen, and jumped back into the game. The hunger pangs were killing me, but I don’t want to be penalized. What a bummer. How can you abandon your team for food? I’m sorry to say I had to dash away again, and return to face another warning. Thankfully I was able to help finish the game. I have points and I’m on the next level. I even got to buy stuff.

This League of Legends is serious business. Gaming is seriously good at developing commitment and loyalty. It’s good against evil, in a medieval way. I can see the possibilities for employee training, in teamwork and leadership. I can even see how we can get people to make more informed decisions, and develop strategic thinking and execution expertise. Yes, The possibilities are limitless.

Overall I like this challenge. There is nothing we cannot do once we open our minds to understanding what we do not know.

As a mother, I have to say, I was wrong to remain steadfast in a traditional norm of what is normal. The experience, has been catalytic in my personal and professional mindset. I stood on the cliff, and left the baggage of perception, and jumped into the unknown valley of change. It sure feels great.
This is a new year. Do something different. Get into the habit of breaking perceptions by testing the theories yourself. Get into the habit of different. You gain every time you let different become the teacher.

There is a lot more I’d like to share from a parenting and business position. So look out for more, as slaylight47 figures out how to stay in the game !

Share your own experience and advice for getting to be a good player — need all the help I can get! Share your heart by clicking on heart if I’ve made you smile, cringe, or feel something! Love is good!

Photo Credits: Bing free pics search & sharrm.deviantart.com

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Cry…let the hero take a seat!

Mr. Achilles and my heel!

I had to see a new doctor today for an evaluation. I’m just so tired of having to rehash  November, 2014. I’d like to forget it. Every time I think I’ve crossed that bridge, someone asks that innocent question – so tell me what happened?

Yes, big girls cry. Big men cry to. Crying children get lots of cuddles and support. Us, big folks, we try to go undercover, with the sunshades, or silly excuses.  Sometimes we get a cuddle, or that look that says, “grow some balls, you’re too big to still cry.” Avoidance may not be the solution but I’m not sure rehashing the past over and over makes any sense . Hmm, but why the tears, I wonder.
I like being considered strong, fierce, and kickass capable of fixing anything. How do you move from the flying hero zone to the flipside of a small sentence. Whatever happened to my resilience, bouncing back, more than a cat with nine lives. Hmm, I’m guessing  Mr. Achilles found my heel and took great pleasure making me sit.

Having discovered that pride is lost when one is injured and recovering, I’ve found patience with myself is in short supply, and maybe it always was. My sister describes me as capable, and always able to fix anything. Her thoughts are shared by most folks I’ve interacted with throughout my lifetime to date. I’m simply trying to fix me, and yes, patience has also asked me to sit next to the hero.

This time spent on the recovery journey has unearthed emotions which I preferred not to acknowledge. I never thought much about courage, kindness, faith, fear, grace to name a few. Believing anything was possible, and making it happen was my mantra. I can help my family, my children, and maybe even have a positive impact on those around me if I excelled. I’m beginning to realize maybe there was a lot of ‘Eros holding the world’ from Greek mythology  in my ego.

The Doctor’s office

As the tears rushed, I tried to contain them, but they could not hide. I tried a bravado excuse of a response, with a hasty rush of words proclaiming I’m doing well. Did not seem like the good specialist was buying what I wanted to sell. Any thoughts of a rejuvenated sales like approach failed fast as he did the mobility and other range exercises. Very sorry to say, my body refused to fulfill my bluffing abilities. I was left with the reality, and thankfully he did not look at me with pity.

Home at the computer

I’m okay. Really, I just wish to become so strong  Mr Achilles cannot have the power to make me sit. Sounds vain. I’m imperfect. I still want to make those ninja moves and put on my best suited armor. I will get there. Physical, mental and overall health are my priorities  for me. Its no fun being benched, but I’m using it to be a better improved me.

Maybe this should’ve been called feedback to self, but Mr. Achilles  Heel made me sit!
(*These are thoughts written Feb, 2017)

The decision to share this was not automatic, but I think its necessary for everyone to know its okay to have vulnerable times. Its important to understand who we are. Our strengths and weaknesses give us the balance to feel on our life’s journey. None are perfect, but we should try to be our best for ourselves. Sitting still has been a major accomplishment for me. There is great strength to tap into when we leave the world to rest and recover.

I hope my sharing has in some way resonated with you, and your own life journey. Thank you for reading and sharing.


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Controversial or just Keeping It Real!

Hot topics…

It can be difficult to press that publish button sometimes. It’s especially hard for me when the subject matter can generate angry negative feelings.

Everyone will never share the same point of view on Religion, Sex , Politics. These are ‘hot topics’ and its like striking a match and watching a combustible response when tempers flare.

I’ve been publishing some posts of a political nature and its fascinating to watch and sometimes read the comments. Its absolutely insane the way people hate or love. I’m not sure about what happened to sharing opinions and having some fiery discussions with mutual respect as the bar. Hmmm, yes, it seems people have been ignited to revel in hate and anger. The level of uncaring, and condescending disregard for those suffering or in need, makes me fierce.

I want to protect and shield those who are forced into a state of loss and displacement from the anger and hatred coming from some corners of the globe, some leaders, and some people. How can I want what I cannot control? How can I make a difference when I watch the world leaders falter, as they are faced with a new ego-maniacal leader.

The European Union needs to stand together now. The rest of the world needs to pay attention to the ripple effect which the actions from the USA will foster. They are faced with a Trump and a Putin who are obviously intent on creating a dominating world alliance for their own selfish gains. It is very scary. Imagine a world leader slaps down the country he is supposed to hold up high, in support of its enemy. As I listened to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News question the USA president and indicate that Putin may be a killer, the response made me freeze in shock. The USA president, responded, "There are a lot of killers. There are a lot of killers. What do you think  — our country’s so innocent?” ( Yes, its been recorded, the entire interview and shown all over the world)

Yes, that’s the person that is supposed to be the leader of what was once considered to be a great nation. I’m guessing making America great again, has an addendum … for Russia!

These are just my ramblings and thoughts on an international hot political crisis situation brewing. On a lighter, but no less serious note, I’d like to share another post. This is called “The Nutkracker Files” and I’ll leave it for  you to decide if I’ve figured out the mess that has dropped on the world for 2017.

The Nutkracker Files

Thanks for reading this far. I know controversy is not great, but this is a reality check for those who wish to hear and see what is up close and personal. It impacts on all of us. God help America. God help the people of the world!

I appreciate all feedback  but won’t be drawn into a war of words. Lets keep it clean and leave the smut out!


© Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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An Empowered Life

Question To Self...

Do I have the skills, authority, capability, autonomy, motivation to take charge of my life?
That is one of my questions to self, as I grow older. I am accountable to the 'me' I want to be, and have been throughout my life.
If I want to feel empowered to succeed, follow my dreams and gain respect for accomplishments, walking the 'thought' matters.

I had a discussion of sorts with my daughter, who declared at almost twenty everything she felt entitled to, with defiance and my thoughts went to 'empowerment.' Being empowered to make decisions and operate with some form of authority and autonomy has certainly been a topic of discussion for us women. Empowering our girls from an early age requires giving them the tools to move forward, and ensuring they have guidance and support systems to help them along the way.

As I think about my daughter and the corporate and social world she has entered, I am reminded of my own 'rite of passage' and the difficulty of being judged based on my gender, with limits put on my capabilities. With determination, drive and boldfaced fearlessness I had to prove my capabilities almost thirty years ago in a society trapped in inequality. When I look at today, many of my challenges have been replaced with new ones.

Many stereotypes on what a woman can and cannot do have been 'blown to smithereens'. Proving our worth seems to be ongoing, even with women smashing through the proverbial glass ceiling. As I ponder recent world events and the inequality of the battles women still face worldwide, I am heartened by the strength of our unity as a women. I am encouraged by the support of different disenfranchised groups, and communities seeking an equilibrium of balance in this world. As we grow older, watch us walk. Watch us march for what is right. Watch us walk for justice, freedom, and a world without misogynistic leadership, hatred, and tyranny. Watch our empowered life! 

Watch Me As I Walk

Watch me as I walk
My hips may shake a bit
These legs they still look strong
No heels on to give them a lift
My shoulders don't slouch
And my waist is a wee bit round
But I'm sure you will not notice
As I strut and sing my song.
I've got the silver streaks
My hair has lived through many trips
A real natural beauty
With some personality
From my lips.

Watch me as I walk,
Confident glow of womanhood at its peak
A lifetime journey ,and stories of which I speak
My aging has never been in vain
A point my look defines
I've got the music in my brain
Can dance, sing, and you will gaze
I can still hold my own on the town
Older and wiser,
Yes, I have been around!

Watch me as I walk
See the mystery
I’ve been living my life more than breathing
I know all the pebbles on the street.
You call me grandmother, wife, sister, daughter or friend
I’ve made my life,
A story I will defend
Just watch me as I walk
Strong woman,
God’s miracle worker
Life holder, heaven sent

This is a global subject and affects women worldwide. In admiration and respect for all women in all corners of the world who support and promote our young girls and women's rights. This is for the men who support and work with us. In solidarity. Thank You!

I appreciate your time reading my post. If this resonates with you, please share, and lets magnify our message strength and commitment to each other! Millions of thanks...

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The Value Of a Hug

* The world looks on as the United States of America appears to be in self destruction mode. One day it was a world leader of hope, justice, truth, liberty and many positives. The next it was everything we have been taught to dislike and fear - autocratic and totalitarian governing. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini, are examples of the type of governments from history’s past which lead totalitarian states. These are changing times, and we must take a stand  for what is right.

A refugee’s hug
Hug me please
I’m on my knees
Lost my home,
My parents, and I am alone
The war it raged, with bombs everywhere .
Was left standing, no one seems to care.
Hugs should be for free, so I’m asking you
Can you open your arms
It’s all I can give to you.

Hug me please
I’m at the airport today
My mother’s in there,
She was banned in the air.
The people inside, won’t let me come in .
Being born in a foreign land, right now is a sin
A hug from you today is enough as I stand
Praying for a miracle
In this new foreign land.

Hugs are for everyone
At least I think so
From the ravages of the sea
Seeking a land just to be free
If my Father from above, will here my prayer today
I’m just asking for a hug
And to keep the monsters away

Help me if you can
Please just stop hating me
The war we left behind
Made it necessary for us to flee
We’re now sitting at the junction
Of the sky and your land
Simply begging for a chance
To live and be hugged by your hands

The above poem is inspired by my concern for the immigrants and refugees of seven countries as they face a harsh immediate ban on entering the USA.  My friend Franci Eugenia Hoffman has a blog called ‘BrewNSpew‘ and the word ‘hug’ was a challenge issued to her readers. She has been promoting the challenges from another blogger, Bernadette of Haddon Musings . Its quite interesting as I seem to write a different verse for each blog automatically.

The events of this past weekend  27th January 2017, mainly the ban on Muslims issued by the new USA president is alarming. As I watch the news and listen to protests, can’t help but remember the peace of a week before when President Obama was still there. Times change and the character of leaders chosen, can cast a ray of  light or a shadow on the hearts of an electorate.

Another Dance

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