Character and the new global society

Understanding Character

Character is associated with both good and bad behaviours. Understanding what comprises your ‘character’ is much more than what you want to show on your resume. Your character is built on your decisions and how you do what you do. Morals, values, beliefs and personality play a vital role in how you establish character among peers, friends and family.

Leadership and integrity are on display for those of us in leadership roles in our homes and careers. Our attitudes, mental wellness, and psyche and temper are always tested, especially at times of extreme pressure, thus the inner person is always on show. How do you respond to criticism and opinions which are not aligned with your mentality and ability? Are you able to see beyond your perception of censure, disapproval, correction, and can you use these interactions as learnings and observations for personal and professional improvements?

Having ‘good character’ seems to be tied to positive academic and career achievements. It can be linked to accomplishments seen by others based on ‘social capital’ developed over a period. The status attributed to one of ‘good character’ is quite practical when seeking favour and approval, the rewards for gaining reputation based on character is limitless based on credibility and networks.

Loyalty and commitment are values we all hold close when looking at ‘good character’, in fact, most would say they are loyal to family and those they love, until character is tested, and the challenge to do what looks right competes with taking a stand for what is right.

Character at work

Society as we know it in each country and island worldwide has been changing and the ‘online world’ has few boundaries which cannot be crossed. What we all have is our character, our beliefs in what is right and wrong, and the many layers of gray which are now setting precedents for compromise. In the past the world order was built on with rules and regulations enshrined in behaviours which define character. Business and trade on a global level had rules, treaties and watchdog organizations which were mandated to encourage fair-play. Things are different now, with the status quo under attack and the power-brokers shifting to find ‘character equilibrium’ once more.

Character and boundaries depend on what is important and can be shared quickly to gain global online discussion and support nowadays. The noise emanating from social media is much more effective in changing character based on its accessibility and reach. Opinions both true and false have gained a place in personalities of the people who are logged in and sharing. Character and attitudes are flogged with stories and examples of things both real and created. Who we are online is who we are offline, and sometimes that reality is better left locked away from a screen and shared freely.

The negative behaviours from ‘bad character’ can be subtle, but nowadays its bold and fiery determined to cause as much harm as is humanly possible. There is shared anger and emotions on display via emoticons. Character is defined online by what we read, see, share and comment on, with gifs and images life is breathed into words. 


Have a good look within, review social media actions and reactions, and evaluate who you are, and the attitude shared with others. Both positive and negative character traits are a part of your personality. You are who you are both online and offline in this new world society.
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