Imagine Me


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Imagine Me


My mother always had a playful daredevil streak

She was a teacher, and actress, a creator, an inventor

A survivor.


My mother loved fashion and dressing

She had style and class, and loved wigs and Marilyn Monroe

The stars in the sky and on the screen, inspired her.


Today my mother is older and wants to hold onto her independence

‘Once a man twice a child’ is the saying I hear, with tears understanding

My mother is growing older, and so am I.


Imagine me, as I used to be in the past with my mother

Indeed, I was as cheeky and brave and bold just as she was at times

As I really see my mom now, imagine us – older now.


Imagine that time just keeps going and its speeding up fast

And I just want some more time to do more, be different, be better for her.

We are in this together, me and her, her and me – we.


Imagine that there were words spoken and unspoken with messages hard and soft

Life gives us each other, bonded by love like no other

I see what is to come but wait not – life is to be lived.


Imagine mom and me and all our memories, and everything is more than we imagined it could be

My mom is growing older, and I am too

Imagine living your dreams.




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A Moon Wolf Tale

Photo Credits: Shellberg 
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A Moon Wolf’s Tale

Adventure lurks

In the still of the night

Hidden beneath that silver moon light

The cry of the animals

Wild and the tame

Awaiting the return of

Moon wolf for his game.

He has lived his life

Protecting the others

In the still of the night

He is unlike his brothers

His story as told

Was a change in his ways

A Moon wolf never hated

Hidden in night’s maze.


The birds did whisper

About that fateful night

When the creatures all shuddered

From a terrible fight

The men came with guns and pistols for war

Chasing the woman and a little baby boy.

As they cornered her and the lad

Near the caves by the tree

With nowhere to run

No hope to flee

Our jumped a moon wolf

With his eyes on some prey

The woman and the child he never did slay.

Running quite afraid,

they dropped guns and did flee

Leaving the two souls

At the caves by the tree.


The legend of the night

And the lives that were saved

Changed the heart of the Moon wolf

Till he entered his grave.

He is the seer of safety

Protection of the weak

A powerful vision

To all those who seek

An adventure in the wild

From a challenging week.

Outdoors may be strange

If you are unaware

And yes, there are many things of which you must fear

But have courage and know

Its never all as it seems

There is a Moon Wolf just waiting

In the night as you dream.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on this blog! Keep Safe and Happy!



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My Happy Alarm - The Dawning


My Happy Alarm – The Dawning


Dawning light shatters my sleep

Forgetting the dreams, I wanted to keep

My slumber was happy with no end in sight

But then came the dawning ending my night.


The shimmering light cascaded to me

Waking me up from a wonderful sleep

The moment is here another day has begun

The dawning has brought out a glimmer of sun.


My feet came out from under the covers

And looking out through my window the birdies did hover

As I sat for a second, inhaled deeply, looking at them play

Welcome to this dawning, and a new day.


I got ready to go outside to my desk

With coffee in hand, fully awake from my rest

I’m looking forward to tonight when I will once again get to sleep

Till I see you tomorrow, dawning- do not peep!


26th Jan 2021


Photo Credits: Liwanag
Copyright © 2021 Dwordslayer& Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.


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