The Better Me - I'm not a turtle but kissing works!

Speedy & Zai
My good friend and her niece took me to the beach earlier this year, to cheer me up. Giving me the sun, sea and sand is a great gift which is always appreciated. Zai has a turtle she got from a pet shop about a year ago, and named him Speedy because he moves very fast for a turtle. She is only seven years old but very wise.
I recall her obsession with showing Speedy the beach but keeping him in his pretty cage to keep him safe from this natural habitat. 'The ocean will sweep him away and he will get hurt", was her reasoning in not letting him out. He stayed in his 'gilded castle'but was quite excited by everything happening  around him.
She wants to set him free, when she thinks he can make it on his own. She loves him and does not wish for the world to hurt him. Therein lies thoughts of survival of those loved and cared for.
Life misses - Sometimes we keep ourselves and those we love in our own gilded cage for safety. We can provide all we believe is necessary for happiness, yet deny everything which is needed to live. My reflections take me to the following revelations and its getting clearer now, life must happen.
I’ve gone through and I’ve come out
Not as broken as I was when I went in
My focus before was on the business of business
More business, More stability, More money, More happiness
Less time for my family
Just there giving
Giving more
But still giving less

There was a time when I dreamed
Those dreams came through and were true
Just not the big one
That elusive one, which cried out to be found
Because I’ve been searching all my life
Seeking what I never seemed to quite catch
Demolishing all the 'can’ts' while searching for 'I can'

I’ve gone through, and I have come out
Better than before
Less than who I was - and I was good & bad
Better now because I have found
All that evaded my search
To find who I am beneath all I chose to share
This is that uncovered part of me
It’s now on show

Better than I was before
Holding on tightly to that mental stability
Called societal conformity
Take it- I give it not slowly
Freely, with all the energy surging
Broken body..not broken heart
I’ve gone through and true and I’ve come out
To be the better part of me
The one here with you - is free.
Kissing Works...
Life kisses - A good mushy cheeky kiss can only come when you're open and ready to receive. You've got to show your willingness to take a chance to earn that kiss from life. Kissing is interacting - the real kissing I'm talking of. There is the anticipation of the 'mistletoe kiss' and the 'happy new year kiss' every December, because of the warmth of the connection in this season. Then there is the Happy New Year Kiss - the one we hope will last more than a year! Everyone wants that life kiss, and is open to giving & receiving in that moment.
Life is meant to be lived. We are going to get hurt, and that's okay because its safer to feel than to live with no feelings!To be this better me has some hurts, pains, joys, laughter and understanding. "There is no risk in taking a chance I have come to believe. The real risk is in doing nothing and dying while alive." Yes it seems risky to fall, get embarrassed, lose everything and fail -but just think, its more risky doing nothing and staying trapped in the known like poor Speedy  the turtle.
I like kissing, and there are risks in that, but I do it anyway. I win every-time I step out, and into another adventure. It's time to think about gift giving.... but its never quite what it seems  coming from me, and that's another story!

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Christmas Nostalgia - Leaving Christmas...

It is Old Year's day. The day before the new year begins and back then there was the anticlimactic feeling, that tomorrow would bring a new day. For many years my dreams for the new year would be that my life would be different somehow. It seems that child I was - wanted and embraced change because of the unknown..

Old year's day had so much activity and waiting. I looked forward to hearing the fireworks, screams of "Happy New Year" and sometimes watched the television with my eldest sister - waiting on midnight. At the stroke of midnight we would hug and share greeting with anyone who was awake. Then the New Year began with a sweet sleep!

It was the 'bussing (bursting) of bamboo' which brought the new year in for a long time - it was and still is a 'Trini thing'! When I was fully aware of fireworks and their colors we would look out of our window, my sisters and I and make wishes on the lights as they streamed into the sky's oblivion!

From my memories there was a lot of hope, faith and God in each new year. There was Church on New Year's morning for giving thanks for seeing life continue. There were also the the plans for the school term starting soon. Still a smell of lingering Christmas remained in the air. That magical hope which all children walk away with at the end of the holiday season.

Life started anew. The sun came out and the music changed almost automatically - Carnival is another season once Christmas is ended. The party has just begun.

Happy New Year -2016!

* Thank you for following the chronicles on my Christmas Nostalgia. It has been great reminiscing with you. Stay close as Life and Carnival- Trinidad & Tobago Style will be coming soon!


An Eclipse unveiled - 2015/2016

Ending any year can be a reflective process.
It is drawing near, the time to share a message to close off one year and start another. This makes me think about an eclipse. As the blocking, shadowing or covering of something which will be revealed again- is like a rebirth. Can this be the way we end one year and enter into the new unknown?
Getting past the last twelve month period is something  longed for and dreaded at the same time. I knew where I was and the changes. People and events changed, but the future is shrouded in a veil of darkness or maybe it’s overflowing with light. It slowly comes from its shadowed past to reveal a difference if we let the light in.
The eclipse
It did hoover and gently move to the side
To show its beauty, it timed the reveal
The darkness on show was of a great appeal
The riches it gathered, was never its glory
Under the cover of time, the glow became dim
The shadows engraved the earth with its weight
But the woods could not hold back
As the fears released their hold
Time makes a fool of whatever is unknown
It can never be the pace of this race
That will take the time to the end
Nor will the strength of the hold
Block the ease of the flowing mind
The woven skill of the words which open to truth
Eclipsing all that happens before
Making the newness unfold from old dreams
A way to be refreshed and different
Time moves slowly for you to walk in
To simply walk in and live
Another eclipse....
Maybe it’s easier to start with the romantic movies and the sad songs. They make you laugh but give you that emotional high, expecting something more, while wishing your doubts were less.
Another year has come to a close and I’m all dried up from resolutions and hopeful wishes. My biggest expectation of myself for the next year is;
“Let me have the courage to live once more and not be afraid of the things I am afraid to hope for.”
The eclipse will make it easier to move into the waiting sun ahead, as the shroud of darkness lifts itself off. That protective shield held over for protection is not needed. This is why the sun still stands shining brightly in the sky after the eclipse has passed. The light is always there, we just need to allow the darkest challenges to past.
So, I have cried enough tears, had a full round of pity parties, and I am standing in the midst of the best me ever.
Take a bow, and look around you are still standing. There is nothing more urgent or real than the you standing at the top of your own world- accepting you and the God you embrace.
 For me there is one God, and on 31st December 2015 -a night like any other - being blessed with more time-  I will take my bow, look around and still be standing, saying “Thank You for my precious life”.  I have had another opportunity to see the eclipse pass and the light of my life shine for the world to see.
I don’t have the ten best things to do, or the endless lists of great advice or wonderful things I’ve done. My only advice and sharing is Live. Live. Live.Your light will shine when you live good. It is well with my heart & soul!
This Eclipse will change tomorrow, so those fortunate folks to view before will see another! Surprises are great!

Happy Old Year 2015 / Happy New Year 2016!!!!

 Thank You; Muchas Gracias; Obrigado; Grazi; Merci; Dhanyavaad; Dank Je; Dyakuyu; Xiexie; Danke!

*Credit for picture of Eclipse :NRK News . This is a total solar eclipse  - from Norwegian Svalbard archipelago webcast ; image called by astronomers the Diamond Ring Effect; took place on 20/3/2015. 
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Christmas Nostalgia - A Cinderella Moment

After Boxing Day things did not slow down. There was always a lot of discussions about what the adults would wear on Old Year's night to church or a party. While we were never directly a part of the Old Year's night / New Year's day gala, it was a time us kids were happy with the excitement and frenzy of shopping and getting ready!

I loved the times my mom spent shopping for the right dress or fabric to make something beautiful for that one night. Mom loved Elizabeth Taylor and GiGi ( Zsa Zsa ) Gabor two very stylish actresses and her style was from their template! The parties to celebrate the end of the old year were glitzy and shiny, and she seemed to look forward to the event in anticipation annually. Maybe she was hoping Santa would send her a real prince to replace the last one ( resisting the urge to call him a toad)!

My mother could sew like a fashion designer, and maybe part of my creative nature comes from seeing her make her 'Cinderella' dresses to go to the ball Old Years night!

Mom loved hair, make-up and wigs and would let us try on her pieces and some lipstick as she got ready! I loved butterflies and to me my mom was the most beautiful butterfly as she transformed for her Cinderella moments.

Those were the times which made me realize what mattered most to my mom. She would always share the beauty in the times of little and could make our world that much bigger with her hope, positive thinking and sheer ability to transform all negatives into a positive. I longed to be a butterfly and still hope all my dreams will one day come true!

Happy Christmas Season!

Christmas Nostalgia - A Season Of Giving

My mother did not believe in hording. Throughout the year she would sew and make most of our new clothes on weekends - the others were from the 'jumble sales'(previously used clothes) she visited. Christmas though was a time to clear out the closets and the 'hand-me-down' saga began!

As the second child new was a novelty experienced mainly during the Christmas season. we were encouraged help fold and pack the clothes after washing to take to the nearest orphanage.When my mom was sick we were sent there for a few months, which included a Christmas.I must have been around six at the time.

I can remember all the little beds in the dormitory for girls separated by a mini cabinet.I thought it was fun to stay there with the nuns while my mom recovered from her illness. She was a teacher at a Catholic School and they took care of their own!We lived with rules, shared clothes and sometimes sadness. That Christmas my dad came from wherever he was and visited. To my little mind, I thought Santa had sent him early for me. He left after a brief visit and I thought that's what dads did for a long time. Still I was happy, in this big clean beautiful place where nuns ruled but loved us.

The only time Santa visited me was at that orphanage from my recollections! He came on the firetruck and gave everyone hugs and 'big' gifts! Can't remember what I got but it was good.

We went to church on Christmas day and had our toys blessed in prayer, and an opportunity to show -off I think!

I can also draw from the depths of my memories the treasured feeling of love, hope and happiness whatever the circumstances. Whenever I think of Christmas I think of giving, and have had to learn how to receive. There is so much joy in being the giver, it makes receiving pale in comparison. Yet, the real joy in giving is a happy receiver..thus the meeting of a child and a woman has finally joined, to understand Christmas!

Have a wonderful 'giving & receiving' Christmas season!


Christmas Nostalgia - A Lime aka Informal Hangout!

Its a 'Trini thing' with a Trini meaning - Lime!
Growing up we learnt the value of togetherness through celebrations. A lime is simply the coming together of persons to share a few drinks and 'shoot some breeze' (talk)! At Christmas time its a bigger occasion, which tends to turn an 'informal hangout' aka 'lime' into party with family and friends, neighbors and children.

There is music, talk, even card games and dancing. Everything is done in the home,in the backyard, or in front on the porch or stairways! As kids we were always given a piece of cake, sweetbread, ham & turkey slices and if lucky a 'pastelle'!

The 'pastelle' is a cornmeal patty cooked in banana leaves. Its a tradition to stuff this corn-cake with a meat filling and wrap in the banana leaf and boiled. Its then frozen for use throughout the season. Its served warm with a special mustard sauce called 'chow chow'. We were given the tasks of washing the leaves and 'singeing then over the fire for softening and cleaning with the heat! In searching for a picture of pastelles I discovered a great recipe on the link via Google. The picture is also from that site.

Liming requires drinking and that's when the liquor cabinet gets tested. There are beers, whiskey, rum,vodka, ponche de creme, sorrel and ginger beer to name a few. I was always happy to get a 'taste' of ponche de creme as it was made with milk and rum and some aromatic Angostura bitters. My mom thought it was okay for us to get a little if we were good during the season! To this day enjoy a glass whenever offered!

As Children we were given the tasks to peel the sorrel leaves off the seed and fill a bowl.The sorrel was then rinsed and boiled with spice and clove and sugar! The grating of the ginger for the ginger-beer was something I did not like doing, but did it anyway, because I loved the sweet burning sensation of the drink!

Every lime has music and there is a steady mixture of carols, parang, soca and calypso to keep everyone entertained. Children were allowed to stay up late during the 'lime' at Christmas as it was a special time. We learnt a lot about the value in sharing and 'living' with other people during the Christmas season - the other people being family and friends who stayed over not wanting the lime to end. Life was simple and children simply accepted the easy joy of the festivities!

My memories seem so close and I almost wish I could go back to see it all once more!

Happy Christmas Season!


*Special credit to GoogleTT for the photo of pastelles from 

Christmas Nostalgia - Parang & Rhythms

I remember the music, just like I remember my grandfather- my mom's dad, shaking his 'Chac Chac'(Maracas) and Quatro (guitar). We knew Christmas would be soon when he started singing.

My grandfather was Cito Moreno, and he had a way he would shake the Chac Chac and it would sound like a melody of  dried peas in a pod. Initially I thought he was doing some kind of ancient war dance, which he alone knew. He would try to get us to shake them and we thought it was quite funny! The ones he had were made from a dried coconut shell and they were carefully secured after the Christmas season.

Just like the Chac Chac, he would bring out the Quatro and start singing parang.."Rio Manzanares, dejame pasar, qui mi madre enferma, me mando llamar...." He loved the music and would speak in an amerindian patois he learned growing up.

I remember him for his love of music, hunting and coffee! He also loved politics and Dr Eric Williams our first prime-minister was his hero.

There were the 'bussing of bamboo" and the beating of drums, even those made with silver tin pans. The bamboo would be lit with a fire inside and it would make a popping sound which can be compared to fireworks. The empty biscuit tins and milk pans were fashioned into drums and sticks or metal bits and pieces would be used to tap and make a sound. To my recollection it was a mixture of chimes and a tenor rhythm - a symphony of home-made instruments!

Christmas was about stories. The smell of the season was filled with the spices of our heritage, something I forgot as I grew older. Now I recall fondly- my childhood Christmas with joy and wonder. Indeed it was great!

*Pictures are from Google TT images.

Have a happy and joyous holiday season 


Christmas Nostalgia - Warming The House With Laughter

The entire Christmas season as I remember it from childhood was filled with noise. There were squeals of laughter, and lots of shouting and some tears.Overall, the house -my home was warm with love and cheer. Even in times when there was little money for much, my mom somehow made the home warm especially at Christmas.

She was and is an amazing woman - my mom - Maricita Moreno Eversley. "It is what is in the heart and not the material things which bring joy" , this is what I remember from her. It is what I practice today. It is the tradition of sharing and enjoying what you have, and not thinking about what you don't have. It is living with the warmth within you and not seeking what others may have on the outside.

On Christmas day I felt that warmth in my home. The fires keep burning, as the laughter of my children (grown -up), friends and 'borrowed' grand-kids  fill the air! How wonderful this season of love!

Happy Christmas Season!


Christmas Nostalgia - A day of me - the child

Christmas day was always a time of peace and rest. Well, for children the day began with opening presents and having a ham sandwich with chow chow ( a mustard sauce) and a hot cup of cocoa  - this is how I remember it from years ago.

The day was made fantastic by the 'Christmas snacks' cookies, chocolates, pastries, cakes and sweets which were not eaten regularly through the year. It was a special time and 'special celebration'. We would have the biggest lunch around 3 pm and then it was back to playing.

I loved playing on Christmas day. We would each show off our presents, whatever they were, and everyone would proclaim in wonder - "that's a great gift".

Christmas afternoon was a time when we would have a long shower and dress up in 'new clothes' or clothes 'new to us', and looking 'spanking new' we went outside to chat and talk with friends and neighbors.

Night came to soon, as we gazed at the gaily colored lights hung on trees and posts. Then  the sleepy eyes were called inside to end the day.

Merry Christmas from Dwordslayer

Christmas Nostalgia - Christmas Eve Ago!

Growing up I looked forward to Christmas Eve. This is when in Trinidad everything happened. The homes which were scrubbed clean and painted would be decorated and outfitted in the very best available. The neighbors all had their doors open and Christmas music blasted loudly as the baking began.

Ooh I loved the smell of the black fruit cake being made and the homemade sweetbread. The sorrel & ginger beer were outside in bottles in the sun soaking in flavors known only to us. Many a Christmas tree were now being decorated with baubles and candy canes. The air changed scents and love was played in the backyard of my senses. Christmas is soon to come... nostalgia is on a high!

Daily Chronicles from my past will be shared to the new year from that time ago!

Happy Christmas Eve 2015 from Dwordslayer!

Time...lets get this right!

I enjoy water, the beach fascinates me, and there is the freedom and individuality of the waves, which inspires peace and energy together.
While chatting with my  eldest son today and reminiscing on our travels, we recalled a good family friend and smiled. A couple hours later, via Facebook we learnt of his departure from this world. How are you doing for time...can you give me a moment of your time?
Let me share a poem with you. Its something written in 2009, and reminds me, that life is precious, and people need time. More than anything else, lets remember to share time. 

Good bye dear friend
We grieve for the dead
but have no time for the living.
Keeping promising tomorrow is available today.
Never really accepting
our immortality.
No time exists, to see today.
I grieve for my friend who I had not seen.
Never making a moment in this life
in my time.
Now time plays a joke and a kind heart
I will no longer see.
Cause as faith goes, so does life
we never know.
So I grieve for my friend gone for so long
but alive when my time was busy
I cannot share my gratitude
or the pleasure received.
When our paths crossed.. you were really
a great friend to me.
I will never forget, though your image will fade
and maybe one day
I'll be blessed
to see you in the heavens
smiling across at me
sharing dreams and hopes
your life was real.
I cannot remember a time
when you did not have time
to stop by and just say hello.
I can't remember a time you failed to encourage me
to walk brave on my very narrow road
I remember all the things that I thought I'd one day share
and say what a great friend you were.
Now you sleep
and will not rise to see
the sun, the rain, the stars
the sky.
But my heart remembers
with joy
who you were
when you were here
Good Bye my Friend

I'm wondering again what can I share, write and say to this new community of wonderful, inspiring people - that's you, I'm speaking about. Social Media can be whatever we want it to be, if we engage, share, communicate and discuss with each other. We can enrich each other by connecting in this time! 
When the waves rush to the shore they taper out, meeting the friendly sand and rocks. This is repeated continuously, in many different ways, never coming to an end. The wave just happy to meet its friend the shore! 
Thank you for reading. Lets engage with each other by liking, commenting, sharing, increasing the value of our words and communication!

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Another Dance

  Photo Credits: Kaharlyt Another Dance   Move onto the floor Gaze around in this place Find the one who connect...