Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Nostalgia - Christmas Eve Ago!

Growing up I looked forward to Christmas Eve. This is when in Trinidad everything happened. The homes which were scrubbed clean and painted would be decorated and outfitted in the very best available. The neighbors all had their doors open and Christmas music blasted loudly as the baking began.

Ooh I loved the smell of the black fruit cake being made and the homemade sweetbread. The sorrel & ginger beer were outside in bottles in the sun soaking in flavors known only to us. Many a Christmas tree were now being decorated with baubles and candy canes. The air changed scents and love was played in the backyard of my senses. Christmas is soon to come... nostalgia is on a high!

Daily Chronicles from my past will be shared to the new year from that time ago!

Happy Christmas Eve 2015 from Dwordslayer!

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