Life and the Small Stuff

Its Sunday and I’m grateful for the blessings of the week left behind. I am grateful for all the little and big things both good and bad which crossed my path. How can we manage life when there are ups and downs, positives and negatives, and outcomes which our minds and hearts tell us we are unprepared for? Ahh, but there is growth from all our experiences!


There was a Sunday when I sat in a house of worship and the pastor quite passionately advised the congregation that he did not want them to place any coins or red notes ($1 currency is red in my country) in the offering. He chided the congregation for being inconsiderate to the persons who had to ‘labour to count the money’ and even if they had to miss a week while they saved for their offering they must do so.


If it does not make sense to me then why accept the nonsense given?

Many times, we receive gifts and tokens of appreciation which, may not suit our likes or desires. The person giving decided that we are worthy of their blessings and in giving they have shared consideration and appreciation.

An attitude of gratitude is much more than saying, “Thank You”. It is really appreciating the giver, however big or small. If our leaders are challenged with the little things, how can they lead us to and through the big rewards.

For the upcoming week, and the days ahead I challenge you to find the little things left behind, the smallest of problems and issues that appear big, and look at them differently. Seek out the blessings and rewards of ‘the small stuff’, because the ‘big wins’ start with the little things we may pass over.

Thank you for staying and walking the race of life. Don’t go too fast because you may miss the view. Till we meet again – online!
You are appreciated!

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