My Happy Alarm - The Dawning


My Happy Alarm – The Dawning


Dawning light shatters my sleep

Forgetting the dreams, I wanted to keep

My slumber was happy with no end in sight

But then came the dawning ending my night.


The shimmering light cascaded to me

Waking me up from a wonderful sleep

The moment is here another day has begun

The dawning has brought out a glimmer of sun.


My feet came out from under the covers

And looking out through my window the birdies did hover

As I sat for a second, inhaled deeply, looking at them play

Welcome to this dawning, and a new day.


I got ready to go outside to my desk

With coffee in hand, fully awake from my rest

I’m looking forward to tonight when I will once again get to sleep

Till I see you tomorrow, dawning- do not peep!


26th Jan 2021


Photo Credits: Liwanag
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A Valuable Year


We all waited to come through

The sudden darkness of 2020.

Eager for a new year which would end

The plague felt by many.

Yet, the future is still unknown,

Even though the hope seems certain.


I do not long to see the end of 2020.

There was much learned through the

Adversity and different changes which

Steam-rolled into the present as we know it.


I saw the homeless and the hungry given food

By the man with little to spare.

And I saw the woman embrace her spouse whom

She had not paused to hold in a while.

I saw the children struggle to learn amidst a virtual setting

With teachers who knew as much as their students,

Yet they both learned to understand together.

I saw the parents with little knowledge teach their children

The art of learning through a struggle to live.

Then there was the business owner who realized his staff

Were worth much more than he could ever have paid before

And I saw the doctors and nurses dig deeper

Than they thought possible to multiply themselves and unavailable resources.

Giving bucket loads of miracles prayed for by many.

I saw shortages but an alternative for those in need.

I saw fear and sadness

I saw resilience and creativity.

I saw strangers praying online for each other

On a platform many did not know but learned.

And I saw the world stop, unite and love

As only seen in the movies.

The entire world fell to its knees, or rather

Tilted on its axis hoping not to topple over.


Forgive me, that I will not mourn,

Or rejoice the end of 2020.

I will pray that the lessons we all learned

We earned appreciation for

And humanity’s gains will not be ignored.

Moving into the next year, I hope

We will not leave the riches of 2020 behind

As you step into the next year,

Please take with you all you can hold

Do not leave behind your lessons

They are as valuable as each precious soul.


My thoughts in prose.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, and I trust you and your family are safe and happy in whatever part of the world you reside. Appreciate and grateful for our time a look forward to much more for 2021. 

In peace always!


Copyright © 2020 Donna-Luisa Eversley and Dwordslayer. All Rights Reserved

Dwordslayer quotes - Change

 This year has been filled with changes. The end is coming and so to the beginning. The one certainty is change, and adapting is a given if we must survive and thrive.

This quote is taken from Change, time and relationships  (2018) and gives us something to consider as we move forward.

What do you think will be different next year? Do you think you will welcome the new, or will you cling to the old? Going back is not an option, so why not make each change count? 

Keep safe.


Speranza means Hope



I have hope

That one day

I will sit at my window

And look out into the sky

Everything will be okay

And I will not worry or contemplate

My next best move

In that moment

The strategy of living

Will simply be to live.

There will be some yellow and orange flowers

Somewhere close by

And I will gaze at them

Enjoying their beauty.

Maybe a fly will come buzzing

And I won’t chase it away

Because in that moment

I will have hope

I will be in a place of rest

Desolation and sadness

Will not overcome me

As everything will have a moment to be

Away from the fervent pace

Called life.

I have hope

That the sounds of Reo Speedwagon

Enya and Bryan Adams will linger in the air

And I will sing along

And the birds will know and sing with me.

I have hope that

My little window will be

Wherever I want it to be

And my happiness in

The stillness of beauty and time

Will be enough

While living.

I have hope that everything

Does not need to be greater than what it is

And that life in a still moment

Will complete my hope.


Copyright © 2020 Donna-Luisa Eversley and Dwordslayer. All Rights Reserved

Life quotes by Dwordslayer - differences

 As we come to the end of 2020, checking through archives and sharing some quotes from posts. First comes from one of my favorites "Of Panties and People: Fads and choices" (2018)

What are you thoughts on this, as we near the end of another year. How tolerant are you? How open are you to others who think differently?

Keep safe and understanding of each other. 

Peace and love.


Give Yourself More

Give yourself the power of more through learning! 

The last six months of this pandemic has given me some great opportunities to explore LinkedIn Learning as well as a number of courses online via Coursera. I love learning, and as I try to focus on completing my major studies, it is good to work on my weak areas.

Understanding the many things I can do with Microsoft  Excel has been the biggest reward from LinkedIn Learning to date - and worth the subscription. It is not a walk in the park, as its self-learning and best to practice each skill. A course which is 4 hours can become 4 or 14 days based on attention and effort. Credentials are only as good as the work you are able to do after certification, thus I’m suggesting you spend the time to get it done right. Also, the videos are amazingly well done in bite sizes, and easy to follow. Adding the link here for you to check out the Excel Lessons selected. Master Microsoft Excel on LinkedIn 

Another great learning platform has been Coursera. I’ve been a Coursera student for many years and can safely say they deliver on quality, over and over. From my courses completed and progressing, I’m not going to tell you it’s easy – no way. However, the way each week’s work is set, you can take your time and reset as needed. Depending on the course it may be a month six weeks or more, but the value to your career is ‘ginormous’.  I’m going to share a link to one of my favorite courses – but I’m seriously into them all! Mind shift: Break through Obstacles to learning and discover your hidden potential - McMaster University hosted by Coursera.

 Are you a lifelong learner like me, and do you get a thrill out of discovering new stuff? Do you want to upskill, or do you need a confidence boost right now?  Give yourself some power through learning. It is a great way to enhance your knowledge base and can be fun!

Just had to share because I'm so grateful for these learning opportunities!

Keep safe and discover more!


Photo Credit: bram-naus/unsplash,com  

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Sleepless but inspired

 Hey world...

I’ve been anxious, worried, and afraid.

There is a lot of stuff going on this year, and as December draws near, it feels as though I am depleted. There is nothing more I can give. Sleep is hard, because I won’t allow myself the freedom to accept that I’ve been speeding through life, because if I drive slowly, my dreams will leave me.

So how are you doing today human? When do you stop pushing yourself beyond what is possible? Who is chasing you when you are chasing your dreams with those ridiculous deadlines set, because your survival is not based on nutrition, but on some standards mere mortals will never attain?

Stop. Slow down. Breathe.

The eye of the storm is where you need to find calm, peace, and acceptance of self. It is okay to stop because you need to. Let everything that matters become what does not matter because you need to take care of you.

Be brave and be vulnerable. Cry. Free yourself of the things that make you anxious, worried, and afraid. Action requires precision in movement, and focus on the goal, it is in front of you.

This is not complicated. Life is not as complex as we sometimes imagine.

The sun is going to shine in the morning, or maybe it will rain. You will rise up and slay the day because you are conditioned to do that. Everything around you will continue as it was going to anyway. Fear does not stand a chance because you have faced every moment before now – and you are still standing.

You are human. You are capable. You are real, and all that matters will be there when you can walk up to it. Take a few moments and breathe. Life is being lived and you are going to do better, with every step.

I am grateful for you on this journey with me. Grateful for my awesome life. 

Its 1:53am and time to sleep!

Photo Credit: Lenin Estrada/unsplash,com  

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My Happy Alarm - The Dawning

  My Happy Alarm – The Dawning   Dawning light shatters my sleep Forgetting the dreams, I wanted to keep My slumber was happy with no end in...