A Canopy of Grace

Photo Credits: unsplash.com/Thom Milkovic


Drop your canopy O Lord, let it fall on the earth.

Let it pick up all the people who are suffering and hurt.

Let your canopy be big enough, that everyone can fit,

Lord please I beg you, allow everyone to see it.

Drop your canopy on the ground O Lord,

Because some people cannot look up high

For these are the people who love you, and without it may surely die.

Drop your canopy dear Lord, for the little children to see

Especially, the ones who are impoverished and living in poverty

Drop your biggest canopy dear God on the earth

Let it be enough, like a berth awaiting vessels to sail

A mooring prepared with glorious flair, just waiting

For the people to get there.

Drop it, just drop it on the earth

Drop it because you care.

Please let your canopy fall dear Lord, because not everyone can see

Let the ones who need it most dear Lord, be covered by its safety.

Drop your canopy my Lord and Savior, drop it on the ground

Let it be big enough that everyone can fit on it and be safe and sound.



Be blessed and encouraged.

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Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt has guided my thoughts, inspiring a passionate outpouring as above.

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  1. A beautiful prayer, Donna-Luisa, full of love and encouragement. Happy Easter. πŸ’

  2. Wonderful words put together, and I say Amen to your prayer.

  3. A lovely prayer for all to hear. Let us each help in its' creation.
    ~Jules (WP)



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