The past is never what it appears to be

Weighing pros and cons from my reverie.

The things gone by are a lesson for life,

Moving on with a future, uncertain of luck or strife.

As I reflect upon the things, I did in my past

These reflections are deep

Sometimes showing up for contrast.


Though I try to keep them from coming forward

It’s a struggle to not think of how things can have power

This journey I walk is always alone

For this very reason, ensured I have a home.

Reflecting on things I have not managed yet to do

Is a reminder that regrets sometimes - do follow you.


I’ve always wanted to be the best mother I could be

Not sure if you asked my kids, if they would agree.

There is never a day when I’ve forgotten my role

As a mother is forever, all over the world.

They are older, and no longer holding onto my skirts

Now, forever I reflect of God’s blessings with their birth!





Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt has guided my thoughts, for my verses above.

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  1. What a lovely poem, Donna-Luisa. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, as well. ❤️

    1. Thank you Eugenia..🌺😊 glad you like it😊

  2. One must be a parent first, then once children are older and realize that you did the best you could (and they do), they you can be their friend. That is the evolution of such relationships :D

    (Jules from WP// Eugi's prompts)

    1. Thank you Jules, indeed the circle of life does bring it all full circle when the shoe is on the other foot.. but as parents we do try to shield our babies.. but they must grow.


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