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I Look to you.
I sure look to my savior Jesus Christ when I feel the overwhelming hatred of the politics of the world and its negative impact on the people of the world. I sure feel for refugees / immigrants and displaced people, the homeless and those fighting to keep their families together and alive.

When You Believe.
Yes, I sure believe that we can be better people if we pause our busy lives and look closely at those we can bless with a miracle. Maybe it may seem hard if you think miracles can only come from God, but he has blessed your life with a heart which can be opened up if we allow it.

Maybe Heaven sent an Angel called you - I need an angel

When you figure out what you can do, keep it quiet. There is no need for the right hand to know what the left is doing. Just do it, without desiring accolades and enrichment. The joy of helping others and being an angel of love, hope, kindness, compassion and mercy. What could be greater, than being a blessing to others - nothing - in my opinion!

These are just some random thoughts with music from YouTube.
All credit for listening inspiration goes to be given to musicians, artists and persons uploading videos for our shared enjoyment.

Failing Up

There is only one ‘F’ word we fear as business people

The thing about life is we don’t ever know when we will succeed or when we will fail.

Yes, I’ve said it. The most difficult F word we try to avoid as business people is Fail. Its considered a negative word and one which should be replaced by a few words or phrases, such as “ it was an interesting period”, “ we did the best we could based on the circumstances”, or maybe we can simply say, “it was the result of an unexpected challenge.” Well let me change the way we admit when defeat happens. I failed. I thought I had all my bases covered, thought the challenges would eventually be overcome. I failed to prepare for the possibility I would need an exit strategy sooner than expected, and one day I had a head on crash.

Of course after the fact, there are many things I could have done better. At the time though, when the walls were closing in survival was not as important as not failing. That ‘F’ word happened but I gained much more than I expected from my experiences.

The next step is …UP

The greatest thing about being at the bottom of your business plan, is getting up and being ready for round 2. In a boxing match there are as many as 9 to 12 rounds and it can get really bloody and messy.

To be a successful business entrepreneur, you really need to get up and get going to the next round. Sometimes a referee will halt the match, allowing one of the fighters to get help and catch his breath. Take that opportunity and breathe, the business can wait, while you regroup and focus on the next round.

After a few moments for a boxer its time to jump back into the ring and give it your all. Even when the match is over, it does not mean the fight is over. It just means the person who lost has a chance to fight another opponent or to have a rematch. The loser may have failed the battle, but once his spirit is not broken, he gets back in and is ready for the next match. The businessman who has taken risks and lost, is the same one who can win the next time he takes a chance or invests in another opportunity.

I’ve finished one fight, and the battle scars are there. Its no longer a question of if I will fight again, but when I will be ready for my next business venture! This is it. I’m “failing up” and I’m going to hit the rings like I’m Muhammed Ali!

The Knock out punch

Here are somethings to remember when you land on the ground face first;
  1. There is no reflection looking back at you. The ground only feels your presence. Get up, and sit for a moment. Take in your surroundings and have a cup of coffee as you do your brownie leg squat .
  2. Find a mirror, and make sure you look at yourself daily. You are alive and its just another day in paradise. You took a chance, and the ride was great while it lasted. Time for a new ride!
Even with a gazillion bills, you need your health, so take a walk, go to the gym, plan some time out for you. At this point, you’re probably broke, but the nearest savannah is free. Walk because you can.

  • Everyone around you continues to do their job. Life has moved on, and you need to also. Don’t beat yourself up. You did well actually. You’re going to master the art of failing soo well you can convert that experience to ‘Failing Up!’

  • Only those privileged to face the floor can face the sky when getting up. Convert the missteps to something only experience can propel. Take your expertise to the next stage. Congratulations, you just Failed Up!

    Feeling inspired, check the heart and let it click so I can see your heart glow :-) Thanks for being awesome!

    A short brief about me: I’m a corporate business veteran, with practical experience in a diverse range of industries — Safety/ HVAC / FMCG /Industrial Equipment /and much more . Sales ,Marketing, Business Development & Coaching are combined to deliver over 30 years experience. As an entrepreneur and blogger (Dwordslayer) I’m right now living an adventure, and looking forward to the next opportunity to challenge mediocrity.

    Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting. You are appreciated!

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    Originally published  at The Marketing and Growth Hacking Publication on March 16th, 2017

    When Life Pisses You Off...

    I cannot save the world.

    I've been blogging for some time now, and its been an eye opener for me. Who we really are comes from the things we just don't want to change. I'm sorry, just can't stop trying to help others and myself be inspired to want more. Sometimes I can be a pain in the butt, and  can be brutally honest to others, but moreso to myself.

    This year has been on of those defining times where who I am and what I say matters to me. What I do is even more important. There are so many things to get off my chest, and maybe, instead of looking for the soft words I need to spill the beans.

    1. I am appalled that there are people in this world who support 'the pussy grabber' aka new USA president .
    2. I'm really tired of being the good girl and keeping quiet about the fact, someone tried to kill me by running me over with a car in November, 2014. Working on the forgiveness angle. I'm no longer angry, but where the hell is justice when there is none.
    3. Totally pissed that the people trusted to take care of me in the corporate world , decided that my life  was not important. Hiding truth or covering weakness can be more important to others - reality check.
    4. Simply cannot understand why a good friend would choose to complain year after year about the same thing over and over, and do nothing. Pissed when someone wants to live in a bubble, and close friends can only watch them self destruct.
    5. I'm friggin pissed that crime in my country seems totally out of control, and the police commissioner can't be fired, because he simply cannot do the job.
    6. It pisses me off when I read the news and what's real is being projected as fake because a man cannot accept that he had to use underhand an sinister methods to win an election - USA elections.
    7. I'm pissed that the Dakota pipeline will be destroying the heritage of the owners of the land - the Cherokee Indians .
    8. I'm pissed that folks don't understand that all lives matter only when black lives matter. We have to accept minorities to understand the real value of life.
    9. I'm pissed that I can't make a bigger difference in the world, and that many children and people will be sleeping without shelter tonight.
    10. I'm pissed that many preachers and priests are wealthy beyond what they need and keep taking from the poor,"in the name of Jesus" for their own personal gain. Where is the WISDOM of the people to keep away from scammers?
    11. I'm not embracing being a victim, but I'm pissed that human kindness to give what is due to me by our national insurance services, requires losing all dignity. Its like getting hit over and over again. Eventually faith is hard.
    Yes, I'm angry. I've seen life ended for folks and friends I knew, and I've experienced the hope and restorative nature of having a relationship with God. I don't know how folks live without that light and beacon of hope - my savior Jesus Christ.

    I'm not perfect, and get pissed off a lot (as you can  note above). Does it make me less of a Christian or does it make me a human? Am I less of a leader because a vulnerability is shared or a better one because I admit this?

    I wrote this a couple months ago and it still rings through! Life happens, so if it pisses you off sometimes, let it out. Move forward. Seek out solutions to make a positive difference.

    Getting back to a positive position

    We should never remain pissed or upset and angry. These are emotions which should be released before they fester and become toxic to ourselves. Some conversations or words need to move from the inner storage before they become a part of our DNA.

    We have the choice to make a difference in the lives of others. Every little bit can change the world and make it a better place. Become a piece of thread being used to 'seam' the lives of others, closing separation and connecting unity.

    The struggle is real.

    Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting. You are appreciated!

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    Not buying the fairytale…

    When love goes south!

    Well its Friday, and I'm still trying to figure out how to share my thoughts on some topics. Love is not very easy to write about, especially when you've had a lot of 'experience' in falling off the passion rollercoaster.  I've been reading a lot this year on almost every imaginable topic. However some stories scream , respond- respond.  So here is a link to a story I read and my 'well meaning, no bullshit' response!

    "A beautiful romantic story of loving and losing. I’m not drinking the same Kool-Aid from many years ago. It’s quite possible the mixture has changed.
    For love to work it has to be a two way street with both parties going in the same direction. People change. As we get to know someone sometimes that love emotion cools and is different for one person.
    Here is some advice to girls like her;
    1. If a man loves you he will show you, by the way he responds to being with you.
    2. If you are willing to be the only one trying to have a relationship, then you’re in it with yourself, and that's very sad for you.
    3. Hey, do not go giving all this great love from this great person for free. Anything of value in life- we have to work for it. No one treats what’s given for free the same. Its like getting ‘fashion jewelry’ or precious gems. You can buy one yourself or wait for someone to give you ‘the ring’.
    4. Please stop whining and crying about how good you treat the man and he treats you badly. Seems to me if you are willing to accept crappy behavior he will keep giving you crap.
    5. Choose to walk away when you are no longer happy. While we know relationships have ups and downs, if you are stressed and unhappy, its not working for you. Would you keep a pet that makes you unhappy? (hopefully the answer is no)
    6. So maybe initially he was nice and then he changes. Wake up please. Read the signs he is giving and not the signs you want to believe. Love should be real. Do not live in your imagination.
    I’m sorry to be the one to clue you in, but when you walk away, chances are he will not be missing you. He will not be sorry you are no longer around. He will probably have more time to check out his side-chick.
    If it sounds tough my friend and fairytale heroine, maybe you need to read Steve Harvey’s book on thinking like a man. Better yet, watch the movie and find the strength to love yourself . When you love yourself , you will know your worth, and won’t be hoping he regrets hurting you. You will put your big girl panties on (even if its a thong) and dance in front of your mirror in heels to “Shake it off!”

    Do I sound harsh? Well, here are some other thoughts I shared that day on that post;

    "...One person in love with the thought of being in love and having a soulmate. Totally oblivious that the other person is seeing through her eyes she is not ‘the one’.
    I wish he told her it would not work. I wish he had hurt her up front and broke her heart, so she could grieve and maybe get over him in a few years. ( If she’s as psycho as you think, it might take medical intervention). Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is to not give hope of a relationship or any benefits. So you both can either gain a respectful parting or become the people who end up hating each other :-) "

    Maybe its the passion which clouds reality when it comes to love. Just something to think about!

    This is a keepsake story, which will remind me every time I go 'off the passion rails' there is a reality called anchor to be held onto at all costs :-)

    Thank you for reading and sharing your comments. Stay awesome!

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    Originally published on  Medium as a response to 'this is how you lose her' February 28th, 2017

    Creativity, Innovation, Recycling: Opportunity waits for your action

    Most entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks!

    I started my first business at eighteen. There was a demand for a product which was always out of stock and decided to make my own. At the time I was not thinking about business plans or securing financing, and was clueless about manufacturing. Nevertheless, with boldness and more bravery than ever, I decided to ‘make some money’. Here is the story.

    Creativity, Innovation & Recycling

    Shoulder pads were the ‘in thing’. All garments especially ladies dresses, suits and shirts came with shoulder pads. I bought a ‘shoulder shaved pair of foam’ uncovered for $6 to $9 a pair. If it was covered it was upwards of $10. I liked to sew and design and made all my clothes. I was know by the owners and employees at most of the fabric stores because I was always looking for deals. My wages were small, but my desire for fashion was big! Everyday, I went to work for eight hours and returned home after collecting my newborn son from the babysitter. He needed food, clothing, and I had rent to pay. One day, while visiting a friend working at a furniture factory I noticed they were dumping large pieces of sheet foam after removing what they needed. An idea was born in that moment and I asked if I could leave with some of the dumped foam.

    Using scraps of fabric in a neutral color I made a semi circle cutout and eventually got three sizes made which I thought would fit smoothly in the shoulder area. I carved a wooden mold of each size and then placed it on the foam and cut. After preparing dinner, fed my son, and started covering the foam. That first night I made 12 pairs. The next day, I stopped by a few stores on my way home and all my pads were sold between 3 stores. I had orders from one store for 12, and was asked to check the other stores the next day. For the next month I continued like this. I collected foam from the factory at no cost ( got a ride home) and bought a couple yards of fabric every few days from the discount counter. My pads were sold wholesale for $3, $4, $5 and everyone wanted them.
    Eventually, I stopped getting the foam for free. I had to pay for the foam, and this reduced my profits. My sewing machine, which was very old, died, so I borrowed one. It was hard to keep doing the two jobs, and then the competition started, and I was unable to keep up. Overall this business lasted approximately six months!

    Does this sound familiar? What do you do when you see an opportunity, and you’re young and willing to take a risk? That experience shared was from 1987.

    Dreams and reality

    Today, there are many resources available for young entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists. If you can dream it, you can ‘make it happen’. I truly believe that. But, what are you prepared to risk to develop, create, grow that idea?
    I had no training at the time in developing a product from ‘idea to market’, yet I was willing to try, and fail. When I started there was not a thought about if I would ‘fail’. Something needed to be done, and this brain just used what it had available. We did not have technology and awareness of many things, and this is how many businesses started.

    My business could not be sustained because it was ‘a part time hustle’ in every sense of the word. There was not a business development plan, no materials management, no machinery investment, and no one who I could turn to for advice. I was a single mom, doing what I had to do to earn a living and care for my baby. Academically, I had not done well in secondary school, and had many challenges to avoid homelessness and hunger X2. I could create and sell — those were my resources!

    Options available

    Now, there is so much available to entrepreneurs around the world. There is also social media and the internet. For many folks in the USA programs like Third Frontier — from Cleveland Ohio, offer capital investment, mentorship and business support to people in the area. You can access funding through ‘seed accelerators’ , which are well developed Angel networks.

    There are ‘philanthropists’ who invest in organizations and individuals to promote entrepreneurship, and of course there are Venture Capital companies who will offer investment financing for equity and shareholding in your business. The list of support is endless, and many countries have their own entrepreneurial programs being developed in some way.
    There are options available, but many times they are difficult to source due to a lack of awareness. We still have a long way to go when it comes to ensuring the entrepreneurs who need information can access it. Google will only work when you know what to type as you search. I recently did a program on Coursera called ‘Beyond Silicon Valley’ with Michael Goldberg of Case Western Reserve University (online), and I wish everyone with an ‘idea/ dream’ will check it out!

    Sharing this story, I hope, will stimulate thoughts to advance your dream, and take a risk. Looking back I learnt from my experiences and its good sharing the risks and rewards that come from pursuing your dreams. Hey, I used garbage aka material waste recycled to advance my dream, and that’s got to mean something. For a while, I did it, and I learnt from my mistakes. Thus I gained from the ‘school of creative innovation’. Take that chance — you can do it!

    Hoping you enjoyed reading and will share your thoughts through commenting or 'liking' the posts. I like hearing from all my readers, good or bad, the fact that you take the time to read, is greatly appreciated.

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    First published in Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication via Medium (May10,2017)

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    A Compendium of Experiences: 2017

    Hello to all my followers

    I've got another update which I hope you will enjoy! Its a compilation published on Thrive Global via Medium to April 2017!

    "It is only at the point of death a man discovers the value of life as it flashes before his eyes!"

    There is a lot going on right now in my life. Even with an empty nest there can be many things taking place which are time consuming and mentally & emotionally draining. Life is an ongoing process which only stops when we cease to exist - die.

    When someone passes away and we feel the pressure of the finality of life, a wave of sadness creeps up. Sadness for all the times you did not meet and all the things you never said or shared. The introspection can be a weight itself, or it can free us of the urgency of  being busy with the unimportant things. A man who receives news that is about to die in a few days, weeks or months, understands the value of what he leaves behind, so he changes. It is at that moment when you realize that everything which kept you busy, is not important then the real living starts.

    As I share my compendium of  writings published on Medium via Thrive Global to this point in April, I'm happy that there is a part of me which will always be here. Write your words and share it with the world, your family , friends and others. Someone is waiting to hear your story. Share your 'beautiful' and amazing life!

    When you think about what matters

    Excerpt: Recently I had lunch with a friend who asked if I had figured out what I want from my life. We don’t live forever, so maybe its good to understand what we want. Change happens all the time. At school we look forward to moving to another level. At work we keep looking for more money, and that great promotion. Does it really make you happy?

    Finding The Lost Runner *

    Excerpt: Being fit is a way of life. It does not happen unless you make it happen. Looking at others won’t make you fit. Inspiration can only plant the desire, you have to make it happen. Sweat comes from action. Everything in life comes from action. When is the best time to do something — today, now.

    Mental Misinformation and the child who did not understand.

    Excerpt: My mother was the first of five children and my grandmother was one of more than five, and my great grandmother was also from a large family. No one told us about mental illness or what caused it or why it happened. We simply thought it was an unfortunate curse on at least one member of the family, and prayed never to ‘get it’! Some of the ‘folklore’ facts I grew up just knowing were;

    Watch Me Walk *

    Excerpt: Being empowered to make decisions and operate with authority and autonomy has certainly been a topic of discussion for women for many years. Its time to close the gap of awareness and start as early as possible. Empowering our girls from an early age requires giving them the tools to move forward, and ensuring they have guidance and support systems to help them along the way.

    PTSD — In Absentia *

    Excerpt: I still don’t understand PTSD fully. What I do understand is the feeling which sometimes creeps up. It makes the world seem different for a while. It can be like seeing reality in a different way. During awareness it can be hostile. It’s easy to give up control if unaware or absent when time shifts.

    The posts with the * asterix have been published before right here but have been updated with some changes

    Hoping you will enjoy reading these and share your thoughts through commenting or 'liking' the posts. I like hearing from all my readers, good or bad, the fact that you take the time to read, is greatly appreciated.

    A short brief about me: I’m a corporate business veteran, with practical experience in a diverse range of industries — Safety/ HVAC / FMCG /Industrial Equipment /and much more . Sales ,Marketing, Business Development & Coaching are combined to deliver over 30 years experience. As an entrepreneur and blogger (Dwordslayer) I’m right now living an adventure, and looking forward to the next opportunity to challenge mediocrity.

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    Another Dance

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