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A Compendium of Experiences: 2017

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I've got another update which I hope you will enjoy! Its a compilation published on Thrive Global via Medium to April 2017!

"It is only at the point of death a man discovers the value of life as it flashes before his eyes!"

There is a lot going on right now in my life. Even with an empty nest there can be many things taking place which are time consuming and mentally & emotionally draining. Life is an ongoing process which only stops when we cease to exist - die.

When someone passes away and we feel the pressure of the finality of life, a wave of sadness creeps up. Sadness for all the times you did not meet and all the things you never said or shared. The introspection can be a weight itself, or it can free us of the urgency of  being busy with the unimportant things. A man who receives news that is about to die in a few days, weeks or months, understands the value of what he leaves behind, so he changes. It is at that moment when you realize that everything which kept you busy, is not important then the real living starts.

As I share my compendium of  writings published on Medium via Thrive Global to this point in April, I'm happy that there is a part of me which will always be here. Write your words and share it with the world, your family , friends and others. Someone is waiting to hear your story. Share your 'beautiful' and amazing life!

When you think about what matters

Excerpt: Recently I had lunch with a friend who asked if I had figured out what I want from my life. We don’t live forever, so maybe its good to understand what we want. Change happens all the time. At school we look forward to moving to another level. At work we keep looking for more money, and that great promotion. Does it really make you happy?

Finding The Lost Runner *

Excerpt: Being fit is a way of life. It does not happen unless you make it happen. Looking at others won’t make you fit. Inspiration can only plant the desire, you have to make it happen. Sweat comes from action. Everything in life comes from action. When is the best time to do something — today, now.

Mental Misinformation and the child who did not understand.

Excerpt: My mother was the first of five children and my grandmother was one of more than five, and my great grandmother was also from a large family. No one told us about mental illness or what caused it or why it happened. We simply thought it was an unfortunate curse on at least one member of the family, and prayed never to ‘get it’! Some of the ‘folklore’ facts I grew up just knowing were;

Watch Me Walk *

Excerpt: Being empowered to make decisions and operate with authority and autonomy has certainly been a topic of discussion for women for many years. Its time to close the gap of awareness and start as early as possible. Empowering our girls from an early age requires giving them the tools to move forward, and ensuring they have guidance and support systems to help them along the way.

PTSD — In Absentia *

Excerpt: I still don’t understand PTSD fully. What I do understand is the feeling which sometimes creeps up. It makes the world seem different for a while. It can be like seeing reality in a different way. During awareness it can be hostile. It’s easy to give up control if unaware or absent when time shifts.

The posts with the * asterix have been published before right here but have been updated with some changes

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