Sunday, 21 May 2017

When Life Pisses You Off...

I cannot save the world.

I've been blogging for some time now, and its been an eye opener for me. Who we really are comes from the things we just don't want to change. I'm sorry, just can't stop trying to help others and myself be inspired to want more. Sometimes I can be a pain in the butt, and  can be brutally honest to others, but moreso to myself.

This year has been on of those defining times where who I am and what I say matters to me. What I do is even more important. There are so many things to get off my chest, and maybe, instead of looking for the soft words I need to spill the beans.

  1. I am appalled that there are people in this world who support 'the pussy grabber' aka new USA president .
  2. I'm really tired of being the good girl and keeping quiet about the fact, someone tried to kill me by running me over with a car in November, 2014. Working on the forgiveness angle. I'm no longer angry, but where the hell is justice when there is none.
  3. Totally pissed that the people trusted to take care of me in the corporate world , decided that my life  was not important. Hiding truth or covering weakness can be more important to others - reality check.
  4. Simply cannot understand why a good friend would choose to complain year after year about the same thing over and over, and do nothing. Pissed when someone wants to live in a bubble, and close friends can only watch them self destruct.
  5. I'm friggin pissed that crime in my country seems totally out of control, and the police commissioner can't be fired, because he simply cannot do the job.
  6. It pisses me off when I read the news and what's real is being projected as fake because a man cannot accept that he had to use underhand an sinister methods to win an election - USA elections.
  7. I'm pissed that the Dakota pipeline will be destroying the heritage of the owners of the land - the Cherokee Indians .
  8. I'm pissed that folks don't understand that all lives matter only when black lives matter. We have to accept minorities to understand the real value of life.
  9. I'm pissed that I can't make a bigger difference in the world, and that many children and people will be sleeping without shelter tonight.
  10. I'm pissed that many preachers and priests are wealthy beyond what they need and keep taking from the poor,"in the name of Jesus" for their own personal gain. Where is the WISDOM of the people to keep away from scammers?
  11. I'm not embracing being a victim, but I'm pissed that human kindness to give what is due to me by our national insurance services, requires losing all dignity. Its like getting hit over and over again. Eventually faith is hard.
Yes, I'm angry. I've seen life ended for folks and friends I knew, and I've experienced the hope and restorative nature of having a relationship with God. I don't know how folks live without that light and beacon of hope - my savior Jesus Christ.

I'm not perfect, and get pissed off a lot (as you can  note above). Does it make me less of a Christian or does it make me a human? Am I less of a leader because a vulnerability is shared or a better one because I admit this?

I wrote this a couple months ago and it still rings through! Life happens, so if it pisses you off sometimes, let it out. Move forward. Seek out solutions to make a positive difference.

Getting back to a positive position

We should never remain pissed or upset and angry. These are emotions which should be released before they fester and become toxic to ourselves. Some conversations or words need to move from the inner storage before they become a part of our DNA.

We have the choice to make a difference in the lives of others. Every little bit can change the world and make it a better place. Become a piece of thread being used to 'seam' the lives of others, closing separation and connecting unity.

The struggle is real.

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting. You are appreciated!

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