Life can be a 'butt' sometimes!

Life can be like a big butt sometimes. Its a weight you were born to carry that everyone sees and can comment on, but only you get to carry. No one can take your load from you because its built on your frame and you have to work with what you got!(Dwordslayer,2017)

I spent most of my life so far feeling conscious that I have this 'trailer' of weight I carry around with me. Some folks think its great to have this 'big butt' but it can make one the 'butt of jokes' and the person who stands out in the crowd for all the wrong reasons. My perception was not the reality of others who expressed their pleasure at the very thing which caused me anguish!

Growing up I tried to hide my derriere, and eventually gave up. We live in a sexist world where women and now men, are seen superficially and esthetics are important to getting noticed. Being noticed for all the wrong reason can damage confidence and self esteem, so its important to learn how to change the image others see by changing the image you see when you look in the mirror.

Butt Inspired!

Sometimes the aha moment comes with the most unrealistic thoughts, yet the message is easy to understand. I have spent the past 3 months facing some life defining moments with 'deja vu' emotions surfacing. I've been writing in my head, but not in a tangible way, where sharing is possible. I've been reading more and taking a back seat enjoying the view from behind (smile)! There is a lot one can hear when you listen without speaking, or hoping to get a word in. The same is true when communicating online. People read, absorb, have an opinion and don't share. I've discovered many of my readers who enjoy reading my words, and suddenly when there is nothing new published, they reach out.

Not everyone wants to share or even say they appreciate you when they do. The way life is for some people, its safer observing and not speaking yet being silently grateful. They share your stories and even like you anonymously, but need that shield of protection for themselves. This may sound strange, yet its relatable, if we understand differences in human behavior and individuality.

A zebra has stripes and a big butt, yet the beauty we see is not in the size of the 'butt'! The originality of the species with a natural merging of opposites in color on one body is magnificent. Its easy to appreciate what stands out even when its different.

Imagine the life of the zebra with a big butt and a tail, and how it moves effortlessly. Its okay because from birth it carries that weight  naturally. Everyone close by looks the same so acceptance is easy. If there was one butt-less zebra he may be ostracized, or maybe the stripes would be enough for inclusion. The stripes are not perfectly formed however when you look at its appearance there is uniformity. This is how it should be with the human race.

Getting to the butt of the matter

We all carry what bothers and burdens us differently. Actually, what bothers me many not bother you and vice versa. Taking a look from another position can change the way we see life and can be quite hilarious. Its also quite sobering to realize that life is what we carry the way we choose to lift it. There is a simple phrase I recall hearing while growing up. "Don't look at your burdens, instead count your blessings one by one and watch them grow." I'm not sure of the origin of these wise words, but the truth in their meaning is timeless.

While I tried to hide the butt I carried for many years, it was visible for all to see. Some folks paid compliments while others made snide and cruel remarks. Everyone saw that anatomical part differently, but I had to carry it on my terms and in my own way. Acceptance of myself started with me.

Life can really be a butt sometimes, so you might as well dress it up. Keep focused on what's important to you, and as you carry your load, smile. Everything feels better when you smile, and laugh at yourself!

Have a cookie!

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting.You are appreciated!

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