Unbreaking a broken heart

A heart full of hope...maybe

If I started to write maybe the words would make you sad, so the keys were avoided as I looked away. The ECG was supposed to be normal, its always normal until it was not.

Life has been a roller coaster for the past six or seven weeks, or maybe its longer. Somehow the 'rug of reality' was pulled from under me and I've forgotten how to speak. I've been speechless, or maybe that should be wordless. From being a woman of many words I'm now a woman filled with soo many words expressing seems a challenge.

Let me share the words
Which held my heart and hope
I've had a lifetime of everything coming my way
Bounced back when I fell
Never gave up on the dream
Never stopped believing
Had everything hidden in my dreams.

I'm facing a reality, which has my health in a twist
I'm also living a family disaster
With my littlest kid
Looking from the outside and trying to share what's within
But those tears won't let up
My heart is breaking from within

If I could get back a whole heart
If it could be pumping just right
If my heart could go back in time
And stop breaking from the inside.
I've got the bottles of pills
And I've got the gadgets to check the ticks
Wising I could unbreak a broken heart
Just fix it with a wish

Let me share the words
Maybe you can understand
This writing and unhappy words
Is getting me more than sad.
Life is to be lived for as long as you can see the sun
Therefore with all the days I may have
Hoping my heart will unbreak with some love!

Heart Health

I've never thought much about a healthy heart. I've just assumed that ticker would keep ticking for as long as I lived, and not necessarily that I will live as long as the ticker keeps ticking. Hmm, so this is why I've been absent suddenly.

By the time the doctors have to take a look sometimes the damage is really bad. I'm glad mine seems to be not as bad as it sounded. The lifestyle changes though, are necessary to keep that ticker moving as it should. What a scare. This my friends is life, and we really have to roll with the punches. I'm just saying bring it on, because I've got to be as ready as a boxer. I've got to be as ready as Muhammed Ali .(Smile)

Taking care of the emotional aspect of the heart is just as important. Stress is much more than a word. Just as calm and time out are necessary parts of a busy life. Whatever you do, understanding life and a healthy lifestyle is important. So now, I have another journey to add to my roadmap. I'm uncertain, and maybe walking blindly, towards a hope I'm hoping to see in this lifetime.

Keep the faith... I still believe in miracles !

Thank you for your time. You are precious and important to you and me!

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Credits:Image - pixabay.com

© Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER, 2017. All Rights Reserved

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