Friday, 15 January 2016

Reflections - Value Each Day!

Putting a value on time ..

I’ve never been able to figure weekends out. I love Mondays. In fact give me everyday of the week and I love them. I love the days because there are so many opportunities and things  which are waiting for my discovery!
Each day brings something new. For me it may be the same job status, the same car, the same family, the same 24 hours- what makes it different is me. The challenges never change, but my attitude does. I must change to go after my dreams, desires, to fulfill my purpose.
I might look the same on the outside, but quite a lot is happening on the inside. I’m dreaming! There is a plan for something more to happen, then it happens unexpectedly and I’m ready! While waiting I’m there seeking out, creating, and finding each day different.

Reflection: Enjoy each day

Pause, wait, look around and smell the scent of the present you are in. I smell the salt in the sea wherever I am when I pause. That’s my moment of joy. Facing the sun, with the sea breeze brushing on my skin. What’s your present moment that keeps you happy wherever you are? Find it, and you will savor each moment of every day!
Have a great weekend!
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  1. I agree Donna-Luisa Eversley my friend. Each day is to actualize our map of dreams. How we lived our lives determines our future and happiness. If we do not take care of time it will not take care of us…

    1. Yes Dr Shashi Kant, we must 'actualize our dreams'..very well said! Thank you.

  2. Your writing mastery signature is all over this piece, once more Donna-Luisa. One thought though; I went to visit a rather ill lady today and we were talking about our shared attitude of smiling through adversity - no matter how tough the situation. Sometimes our attitudes do need to adapt to situations and tests whereas, sometimes, an unchanging spirit helps also, I think.

    1. Yes Ibukun Adebayo, sometimes the inside is what needs to smile. What is on the outside is for the world to see, but that smile from within comes from the courage to see whats outside from what we can do... sometimes standing still is what we can do and that's ok.
      Thank you so much for your encouraging support...