Writing on writing....
How do I know what to write?
There are few times I intend to write. Writing is a reflex action driven by my emotions. When I have intense joy, sadness, anger, and love I feel the words in my head, sometimes my heart, and a powerful desire to pen them.
There was never a consideration to become an author, journalist, copywriter or any such career which involved someone reading my words. Somehow, I have been lying to myself; I have always been writing, and expressing on paper, electronic or otherwise, a message.
In business, my team and managers quickly realized this ability, and I would prepare drafts, briefs, contracts, sales proposals, and customer / business reviews. Researching and reading is easy for someone who enjoys words. It becomes easier for someone who likes experimenting and welcomes challenges and change. Business expression is life expression. Words communicate benefits, and therefore I write.
There is a story in everything.
One of my sons gave me a huge hallmark mug for mother’s day a few years ago. I wanted perfume or flowers and faked liking the mug, so he would not feel hurt. It was not used for a while, until I looked in the cupboard and it looked back at me.It said, ‘I love you mom’ all around the rim. From that day I used it for cereal, soups and water. It was bigger than a regular mug, and somehow I feel he wanted to say his love for me was bigger than everything – I missed the message initially. The mug traveled with me, and somehow it got lost. My treasured possession was lost and I searched, all over, for weeks, months, and it has not appeared. I miss that mug and it cannot be replaced. Heartbroken,  for a mug, that huge mug. 
If I shared the story of my bed, or my pen, the first hibiscus tree I planted or when I look outside, you will see and feel my story. These are the words we must share.
Do I know a writer’s block – yes.  It is when I try too hard to say what I don’t understand or feel, and must close my eyes to everything and stop.  In the quiet of my mind words will flood in and once more they will take over – a busy brain bursting with phrases, thoughts all into words and a story!
On Facebook I wrote, mainly my spiritual and human beliefs, sharing intimately with my friends. Prose and poetry, monologues and responses,  to things which matter to me. Never thinking of , my words going further than family and friends.
Blogging and publishing happened at a time when I sought to make my time busy so it will pass. I like publishing and sharing my words.The views are so much more than expected, it makes me wonder about expressions people hold in, maybe afraid to write and share. Maybe afraid to care.
I like all the words, those for and against, because we must not all agree on everything. Kindly disagree with me and share. Let us discuss, and grow; it is why we are here.
Write your words, and let them come out as you feel, then you can edit, review and check anything you wish to clarify. That’s my advice to anyone who wishes to start writing. We all have stories within us, energize that inner storyteller!
Engage with me, let me feel your words, and you! 

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