Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Let's Talk... Communication 5

Communication & People

We speak to people every day. At home, work , school and in moving from one place to another. We bump into people we know and those we don’t know …yet! That’s the tricky part ‘yet’. You’re communicating with your physical interactions and body language all the time!
You never know who you will meet and their impact on your life. Let your light shine!
Be courteous ,mannerly, kind, and good tempered. Don’t let a bad temper rain on a good day. The people you meet when you forget your temper at home may turn out to be your next employer or customer!
At work remember the boundaries of the ocean – go only as far as is safe, acceptable and proceed with caution. Enjoy your swim but respect the environment!
Build your relationships at work to foster growth and enrichment of each other. Customers and colleagues value an encouraging word and praise much more than a sarcastic, bitter tongue. 
Having a positive attitude, and a friendly disposition can be a great magnet drawing people close. You never know.. the person you pass by and hold the door for, can be your future wife or your biggest customer!
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