Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Let's Talk... Communication 4 - Apps & Social Media!

Apps & Social Media – Making communication fast !

Let’s talk about the social media craze, and you. What does it mean to you? Is your communication affected by it?
You woke up this morning and the mobile beeps… that’s a WhatsApp,Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube.. and any other app you are connected with expressing an incoming message or notification! It’s there for business, pleasure or simply an update on the app!
You cannot avoid the internet,technology, social media and their effect on you. How you choose to communicate through your choices will determine your effective reach!
Effective reach is simply your ability to connect with people you want to exchange messages with  daily. Communication at this point is fast, social, visual and interactive!
There are many different reasons to communicate with social media tools, but it all boils down to your purpose! Engaging in conversations through messaging requires a persona (avatar)  for professional and personal networking. Be careful. Think about the impact on your reputation as you share YOU.
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