Saturday, 30 January 2016


Risk has its own reward!

There are times in life when we must make decisions which will change the paths of our lives forever. These times are the ones when there is no struggle with what we believe to be right, but what the world  may project as wrong. The conflict of an unwed mother having a baby, or a boy joining a gang to survive in his world are decisions which are faced daily. On the outside looking in, advice can seem to be judgmental missing the reality of the person making the decision. 
There is risk with life, and risk with living. Decisions are made spontaneously based on circumstances and situations because something has to be done. Is it wrong to decide to let your family feel the embarrassment or shame  of an unwed mother – while you decide to risk it all and have that beautiful baby? Is it wrong to join a gang when the alternative can be a family member or loved one or even yourself losing your life? The choice of life, and the choice of death. It’s only simple when looking from the safety of a protected world.
Are social services/family / friends there to help in communities or are they there to judge those who dared to risk making a decision? Some decisions can turn negative situations to positive outcomes, helping many. Helping more than one!

Reflection: Walking in my shadow

Life sure can be challenging with risks we cannot see, and even prepare for. So we make the best decision we can with the information we have. Every-time I look at my first born child, I am happy with the choice to have him, and share his life with the world. In a heartbeat, I’d do it again, and defy the odds which were against us based on our circumstances.  If someone chooses differently I can understand their decision, even if I may not agree. They alone know their shadow.
Do we make choices based on what others see as easy, or based on what we believe in our heart to be right. My Shadow follows me, its mine, and I walk with it when the light dims! If I look back it turns. So look back, dry your eyes… your decisions were the best you could make at the time. Walk proud. Walk tall. Risk has its own reward!
Walk in peace -Be inspired!
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