Friday, 29 January 2016

Under The Influence Of Words - UTIOW

Negotiation - Rallying this week's daily blogs
What keeps me going when I'm unsure of the future?
Some folks drink, others may smoke, do drugs.. me, I do words! I'm an addict and if  I have to share my condition with anyone its my blogging community. Yes, I admit, I'm UTIOW - Under The Influence OWords! Why not create my very own drug for this very tough life! To add to that, why not give it's own little acronym meaning! Easy to add to the social shorting of words!
Bloggerism is the most safe and friendly  'ism' in the world today. If you want to find an outlet for what ails you - choose this potion, and write your way into that reality sharing world! It's a way to connect with your innermost being, and a way to really expand on your horizon!
This pulse publishing has been acting up. Not taking it personal (smile) because 'Murphy' decided to have a job here these past few weeks! I'm going to give Murphy's Law a challenge one day, but  will need to get some more experience in resilience, humor and I have to stop enjoying when things don't go as planned!
Social media was sending me bonkers again this week, and thus a different approach was taken - I will enjoy using and sharing as I get a better grip on activity and time-zones. Understanding this audience of bloggers and non bloggers is fascinating. Hence my decision to participate in idle word sharing on LinkedIn - and totally enjoyed the question on 'if I could not cuss for 24 hours' . The answer is - of course I can, but within 2 days the activity on that was incredible! Did I have fun with that experiment- I sure did! Thus I discovered I'm in the minority of persons who can not cuss for the specified period - in that instance if you win you lose the popularity contest! It was fun, and relaxing and I met some great folks!
This week  'Negotiation' was the topic on 'Let's Talk' my daily blog on DWordslayer! I've included below everything featured for your ease in reviewing! There  are two motivational pieces introduced this week - Passion & Focus. 
So this is where I show you a picture of me UTIOW . Please note the tired eyes and almost graying hair! It can be contagious, so beware! 
Engage with me and share some feedback on how this message works for you! Thank YOU for reading,  commenting and sharing. Keep smiling awesome folks!
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FYI - February is the month of Love, so imagine.. what will I write about?
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