Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Let's Talk ..Communication 3

Focus on the details!

Having a conversation and sharing information, can require some level of knowledge. If someone says “the sky looks blue today, but will be gray later on – what do you think?” its a good idea to know about the weather and colors. If the conversation is on current affairs, your business sector and local markets – having some basic knowledge of your industry is great.
Information is out there and its available. Don’t try to fudge your way through – be the one everyone wants an opinion from! Focus on the details of life and the world around you and beyond.
There’s no need to be a rocket scientist – just have an informed opinion shaped from what you know!
Communication is a two way street. You can drive up and get information and then drive town to share it! Just be the driver and focus on the details!
Learning comes through shared information and opinions, and its a great way to develop relationships!
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