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A favorable place….

Negotiations need time! This is important to gain an advantage or to be on even footing during negotiations.Desperation is the initiator of loss!
The dance
If you’re waiting on someone to ask you to dance and he just does not take the bait as you give him the eye, or try to show off your great visual assets, the temptation to be forward is unbearable. Wait. The person making the first move shows their hand, and is open to rejection. If you possess the skill and can get the first move in without scarring – go for it! Most can’t unless there has been an indication of interest by the target of the deal.
In business, negotiation works in a similar way to showing interest in a man or woman. You target a customer and test the waters with some details to stir interest. If that’s accepted, you go a bit further with discussions and then the proposal. Never, try to get that first kiss while on the dance floor. That is similar to going into a negotiation without understanding what the other party wants from the deal. With dance both parties may feel a strong mutual attraction, but only one may desire more than that dance! In business the proposal must have something which is of value for the potential client to proceed.
The negotiation process needs time and some dialogue. Get to know the other party and their business. What may seem to be a benefit to you may not matter to them. Prove the value of your offer as a solution and asset in acquiring! Create desire!
Engage with me and share some feedback on how this message works for you!  Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. It’s time to negotiate!
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