Sunday, 10 January 2016

Let's Talk... Get Off Your #

Get off your #

Its  a new year 2016, and hopefully we have done all the fooling around and slacking in December  2015 – after  achieving our targets and goals at work.
How did you end? Have you decided where you want to go in 2016 or are you just hoping ‘Lady luck’ will kick-start your chances?
Maybe you think you will plan this week for the month and year, because #January is always slow? Get off that #hashtag!
Get to work with this on your mind:-
Its a great day – to be me!
Its a great day – to bring in some business!
Its a great day – to give super satisfaction!
Find the fire in your #hashtag, and swing into your day with purpose.
Everything needs a road map and a plan for efficiency, accountability, accomplishment – then you won’t need to give “Beyond Sunset” in your answers this year!
#BeyondSunset #BS
Lets keep talking… thank you!
Have a Great Day!

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