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Successful negotiation is about both parties ending with benefits based on deliberations. For this to happen the following is suggested;
  • Both parties should agree on a timeline for the discussions before starting
  • Willingness of all parties to give the opportunity to express
  • Willingness off all parties to listen to what the other is saying
  • Clearly stating concerns and any disagreements
  • Asking for clarity on anything not understood
  • An open and frank atmosphere
  • Respectful interactions
  • Compromise 
Meeting at a location which is neutral to both parties is always best but sometimes not possible. If this happens the hosting party should ensure the guest has all professional courtesies available. Entering the negotiation should begin with trust, and it is a necessary element for there to be a successful outcome!
Be prepared for your discussion. Negotiation and compromise go hand in hand. Be open, be clear and always enter with the mindset that the best outcome will be a win win for everyone. Each party should leave a winner!
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