Precious Jewels

                                       Photo Credits: Balye

Jewels In the rough
Very tough.
Delicate to hold,
Very Bold.
Playing in your school yard
Always full of joy
Our neighborhood makes it
Very hard to be employed.

Children, jewels growing up
Smiling and giving
Impressionably able to mold
Smiling as your life unfolds.
Exams are always hardest
Feigning satisfaction during hunger
Hoping for a feast before the pain
Smiling because life has much to gain.
Jewels, making it in the world
A story is told
Your heart glows brightly like the diamond you are
A star
Life sits at your feet
A life busy, things to do with people you meet
Your glimmer dims
Zirconia is a jewel still

Aging with time
The jewels, some are mine
Their cut and edges sharp not smooth
Setting them apart
Jewels with and without heart
A new beginning starts
They are all precious to behold
Jewels, not just silver or gold.


Eugi's Causerie weekly prompt is the inspiration for this poem.

Copyright © 2021 Dwordslayer& Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.

The Champion

                                           Photo Credits: Basheer

The Champion

Yes mom, I see you
Doing it all for everyone
You make it happen
Fixing it best
You turn tragedy to triumph
Never wavering or giving up
I’m breaking the seal on this bottle
Taking a glass and toasting to you
You are a champion
You make it happen
Take a rest, I’m with you.

Who is the real champion?
Is it son number one who
Gives it all up to fulfil his mama’s dreams
Who takes the burdens of the family
Making his mother’s load easy.
Who is the real champion?
Is it son number two
Setting aside his life for a bigger cause
Helping his mama to get through
The challenges of living
Giving time for her to be renewed.

Champions are right here with us
Don’t struggle outside to see
In your home, they are there
In your family.
Who is the champion that lifts you up
And carries your burdens sometimes
Who is really a champion
That is always at your side.
Its easy to look outside
At the person you cannot see
The champion exists
Most times not in your dreams


Eugi's Causerie weekly prompt is the inspiration for this poem.

Copyright ©2021 Dwordslayer & Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.


Valentine's day and Love

                                     Photo Credits: Owens

Valentines Day and Love

I'm not looking for roses,
Don't send me a bouquet.
I'm not feeling for your chocolates
Don't get me started on even cake
I'm not feeling for the date night
Nor the sentiments of love
Why do you wait on Valentines Day
To give me all the above?

I'm not feeling for your phone call
To ask me out, for dinner this time
I'm not waiting for a special song
The one, that says "you'll always be mine"
I'm not trying to be difficult
Really, I'm not sure you can see
Why do you wait for Valentines Day
To say - I love you, my boo, my baby?

I'm not going to try to tell you
About all the days you made me cry
I'm not even going to give you
One more reason, to stay at my side
I'm still the person you met so long ago
The one you promised to be faithful to
Why should I wait for just one day
To hear you love me too?

To all of those who are celebrating
And happy to spruce up and get dressed
To all the loving couples
Who are somehow today feeling blessed
I'm not trying to rain on your parade
I just want this love you feel to be
Much more than a single celebration
Of a commercial, happy meal

It's not the things that he will give you
Or the way she makes you feel
Its not the things he says he can do
Nor the way she lives your dreams
Its about a love that can find forgiveness
Comfort and compromise
Its about a love which will withstand challenges
In the face of all that brings tears to your eyes
Its about the sustaining love that goes beyond
The treasure of one time
If you can't share the things right above
Don't be my Valentine!

This poem was originally written in 2017 with title "Don't be my Valentine" by Dwordslayer . It still resonates!

Copyright ©2021 Dwordslayer & Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.

After Romance


                               Photo Credits: unsplash,com/Ivana Medic

After Romance…

Can’t let you sweep me off my feet
I’ve learnt that romance can be quite cheap
A few words and whispers
Then suddenly it’s all guile
But it soon will be over
Romance will die

No sadness intended but romance should be banned
It deserves to go hiding
In fairytale Wonderland
Don’t think I am still a fool
Romance died soon after
My graduation from school

The butterflies have stopped living
In my belly and my head
Experience has taught me
Timeless love may be dead
Let the man I have yet to meet understand
Romance left me waiting in another land

Romance may be dead for me
But for you I will pray
That you find someone to love and romance you
In that perfect special way.
The best is yet to come, but take no advice from me
Romance is okay if it makes you happy.


Copyright ©2021 Dwordslayer & Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.

Romance Gone Wrong


                                            Photo Sikkema

Romance gone wrong

I used to dream that I would meet
Someone who would love me completely
He would want to give the roses a chance
And he would find just the right music
To give me romance.

For many years I read and created a mold
A man above all who’s love would unfold
Before his heart would be left unfulfilled
He would want to be with me
A romantic way to live

Yet, many moons have since past
My slipper is lost,
The prince in my fairy tale
Replaced by frogs with no songs
My Romance gone wrong

Still, in my older years I still hope maybe
The elusive romance will somehow find me
And I will be tasked to dig deep
And compromise
Romance or folly, temptation may be denied

What is the romance we desire when we wait
When the fantasy plays in your heart and
the dance stops before it begins
What reasons do we have to believe
Romance is real?

Copyright ©2021 Dwordslayer & Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.


Understanding Life


Photo Credits: Ringer

Understanding Life

I sit alone and think
Wondering about my time here on earth.
When we are born
It is our death which comes next
We walk through this world
Not knowing the day, the hour, or the moment,
when we will say goodbye.

Do you live to die or are dying to live?
When life happens, we grow
And when death is coming
We do not know.
Thus, we forget that time
is all we have that we hold,
purposing ourselves on earth.

I sit alone reflecting on,
all the folks once judged, maybe also being judged.
The unfairness of time,
it does not give time for full recompense.
There is joy and kindness later on in life,
because we learnt from our experiences
and lived our lessons well.

Can we redo from birth to present?
Is there a way to turn back the clock to be-
a better human, maybe?
Yet the curtain will fall,
when our time is called,
and life as we know it
goes asunder.

I reflect with my God,
The Creator of all.
I think and wonder,
at the beauty of creation and the finality
of our existence.
Each and everyone of us, molded from atoms of dust,
created to live and die on earth – until eternity.


Copyright ©2021. Dwordslayer and Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.

Winter Dreams


                                             Photo Credits: Finnigan

Winter Dreams

I walked outside to a chilly breeze
The weather I love makes me freeze.
My mittens are on and my scarf wound tight.
Going out to do shopping and get home before night.
Winter in London is happiness to me
It’s a tropical reversal
And all I want it to be.

Catching my first flight
Eight hours away
I found to my surprise, I wanted to stay.
The clothes and the fashion
The food and the fun
My first visit to London in winter,
Was loved by everyone.

When my business was finished
It was onto the sights
And I was ever so entranced by the cold winter’s night.
I never felt the frost bite
Nor the chattering of my teeth.
It was pubbing and laughter
I was in my glee.

The day came too soon when I had to say goodbye
My heart now belongs to a cold winter’s night.
A fairytale that came through
For a little girl that was me.
In the stillness of nights
I dream
Of winters to sleep!


My Thoughts...

Growing up in the Caribbean I was always fascinated with movies and stories that were in winter. Even when I did not know if I would see it in real, I did at 30, and it was amazing. My first visit to my dream became a reality, and unlike most persons I know, can’t complain about the cold. The first time I experienced hale was also glorious, and as I stood outside a store, the icy drops were like being pelted with ice cubes. Amazing!

Keep dreaming your dreams, and maybe one day you can make them come through!

Copyright ©2021 Dwordslayer and Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.


Another Dance

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