Precious Jewels

                                       Photo Credits: Balye

Jewels In the rough
Very tough.
Delicate to hold,
Very Bold.
Playing in your school yard
Always full of joy
Our neighborhood makes it
Very hard to be employed.

Children, jewels growing up
Smiling and giving
Impressionably able to mold
Smiling as your life unfolds.
Exams are always hardest
Feigning satisfaction during hunger
Hoping for a feast before the pain
Smiling because life has much to gain.
Jewels, making it in the world
A story is told
Your heart glows brightly like the diamond you are
A star
Life sits at your feet
A life busy, things to do with people you meet
Your glimmer dims
Zirconia is a jewel still

Aging with time
The jewels, some are mine
Their cut and edges sharp not smooth
Setting them apart
Jewels with and without heart
A new beginning starts
They are all precious to behold
Jewels, not just silver or gold.


Eugi's Causerie weekly prompt is the inspiration for this poem.

Copyright © 2021 Dwordslayer& Donna-Luisa Eversley. All Rights Reserved.


  1. What a beautiful piece! I especially love the last stanza because jewels are more than just shiny baubles 'Jewels with and without heart'- a very meaningful line.

  2. Thank you Eugenia..As I wrote when the last stanza came this 'with and without heart', and I wished they were all with heart. 🌺🌺

  3. I was (in another life...) a pre-school teacher -
    Yes they are all jewels...
    even the little precocious whose daddy didn't believe she was a biter!

  4. I like the thought of our children as jewels.


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