After Romance


                               Photo Credits: unsplash,com/Ivana Medic

After Romance…

Can’t let you sweep me off my feet
I’ve learnt that romance can be quite cheap
A few words and whispers
Then suddenly it’s all guile
But it soon will be over
Romance will die

No sadness intended but romance should be banned
It deserves to go hiding
In fairytale Wonderland
Don’t think I am still a fool
Romance died soon after
My graduation from school

The butterflies have stopped living
In my belly and my head
Experience has taught me
Timeless love may be dead
Let the man I have yet to meet understand
Romance left me waiting in another land

Romance may be dead for me
But for you I will pray
That you find someone to love and romance you
In that perfect special way.
The best is yet to come, but take no advice from me
Romance is okay if it makes you happy.


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  1. Beautiful with a touch of melancholy, Donna-Luisa! You are a master at writing love poems.

  2. Ah Eugenia, you are blinded by my writing πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
    I have been trying to write a swoon worthy one, but even my archives seem laced with sarcastic realism. But someone, I want to write an ode to romance and love...
    Will try, who knows maybe πŸ€”


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