Romance Gone Wrong


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Romance gone wrong

I used to dream that I would meet
Someone who would love me completely
He would want to give the roses a chance
And he would find just the right music
To give me romance.

For many years I read and created a mold
A man above all who’s love would unfold
Before his heart would be left unfulfilled
He would want to be with me
A romantic way to live

Yet, many moons have since past
My slipper is lost,
The prince in my fairy tale
Replaced by frogs with no songs
My Romance gone wrong

Still, in my older years I still hope maybe
The elusive romance will somehow find me
And I will be tasked to dig deep
And compromise
Romance or folly, temptation may be denied

What is the romance we desire when we wait
When the fantasy plays in your heart and
the dance stops before it begins
What reasons do we have to believe
Romance is real?

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  1. What a beautiful poem! I love your third stanza and it reminds me of when we believed in fairytales, not that we still don't wish for our prince charming in real life. I think romance is real but can be short term or long term. Thank you for joining in, Donna-Luisa!

    1. Thanks and I do agree with you Eugenia..short term or long term maybe will happen again 🤔😊🌺


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