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This all started with the 4th of July and a feature on some of the USA writers / bloggers who inspire me on their  blogging sites  and

It was the beginning of a thought, a mini light-bulb glowed. I’m always thinking about how I can share great stories which inspire, by those who are brave and willing to write.

After much thought and some planning, I do think there are quite a few places I can visit through the authors of wonderful words. Join with me as I journey with some friends and have a buzzing time with their honey! There are quite a few hot and sweet links in this post, so here is a challenge – if you can get to all just post in comments the number of links I’ve added, with a smiley face. You win, when you have gotten the gold hidden within!

Jim Murray – I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Jim about a week ago via Skype and it was amazing. Imagine, just having a chat, face to face, with someone who has a wealth of knowledge in the advertising and media business from Canada. This man is a genius with words, and has a sense of humor. He is also quite charming and dashing in a gentlemanly way, reminds me of the guys in the books I’ve read many years ago. Jim is always willing to share advice and can explain and encourage in a simple and relatable way. He has a personal blog  Onwords&Upwords and that’s like a treasure chest!  Jim is also an Ambassador for  and if anyone can give winning pointers on growing a social media platform, he is dude! Some selections from his honey jar:

The Fine Art Of Coaching Yourself – Self Satisfaction.
The Unbearable Lightness of Bee-ing. One Writer’s Experience In The World of The Golden Hives.
I Think About God

Paul ‘Pablo’ Croubalian – Paul is a tech wizard even though he claims not to be! This Canadian is great with social media gadgets and he can break anything down into a simple recipe of words. He is also a real chef, and can write recipes, understanding which ingredients work well together. On social media he seems to get all the tech ingredients together and has the recipe to get something to work – if you follow his advice! Before I forget, this man is funny, he has a hilarious sense of humor which is seen in the titles of his posts and the images!  Paul is also an Ambassador for so you know he has got the honey production on full throttle! A few selections from his honey jar:

How to Avoid the Consequences of Social War
Getting Started on beBee: The Big – Assed List
Dessert in a Hurry: Easy Pastry Cream for Jardinière.

Cory Galbraith – Cory is a philosopher of historical and modern day life. His articles are rich and vibrant and filled with past actions and living with a present day vibe. Cory shares advice based on the lives of others to help inspire us and keep us motivated. Cory has his personal blog Cory Galbraith and is also posting on My selections from his honey jar:

How to lead a Jazzy Life from the Late Great Miles Davis
Plato’s 6 Rules of Leadership for Today’s World
How to Take Control of Your Career According to Mozart

John Whitehead – I’ve been following John for just over a year and I like his way of sharing advice on business and life. I have not spoken to him yet, but he is one of the bloggers I seek out when I’m looking for a business read. He has a personal website and consultancy at John K. Whitehead & Associates  John also posts on

Two Ears and One Mouth.
Our actions are a reflection of who we are.
Leadership is… Building Leaders

These guys are just a few from my Canadian posse  as we would say in Trini lingo. They are all creative and I yearn to pack my bags and go on a vacation in Canada. It also helps that Canada has the best head of state in the whole wide world, well next to President Obama, and he is out going!
Hope you enjoy the posts selected, and will check out their websites and  These guys are the real deal in my book . Canada is a very happy place and these guys prove it with their words!

I am a mom, daughter, friend, businesswoman, lover of people, lover of places, lover of life, lover of God. Dwordslayer is who I am when I write, because I’m a lover of words and sharing their meaning. Thank you for reading and hope you will share with someone. Words can increase in value as they are shared – we may never know who may need the meaning, so lets give!

Special selections  for today:

The World’s Trading Currency: People
As I beBee Me

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Just Thinking out loud 6: The winding road

I’m always looking for places to take photographs to share on my blogs. It’s not hard to find images which inspire, as beauty can be found almost anywhere. Seems I’m always back to the point of perspective. If I show you four photos, taken on the same road, do you think they will look the same? Let’s try this..

They all look the same, but have visible differences, which are easy to see. If you were asked what each photo represented, the first answer may be – a road. If you were asked what was the major color in each photo then green would probably be the answer by most folks.

My question to you would be, why did the photographer take out the same photo if every one would elicit the same answer? Why was one photo not enough? As the photographer, I will share my thoughts while shooting the photos.

The first one was at the beginning of a journey and as I looked ahead, I was amazed at how beautiful the trees and forested area appeared. The blue and white sky connect with the trees and I saw nature meeting heaven. The road was uneven, but it was smooth enough to drive safely and I marveled at how the imperfect road seemed to fit in with the raw natural beauty around.

The second photo took me into the forest driving through the green trees, enjoying the smell of the outdoor air, crisp and green, fresh and clean. The road seemed less uneven and winding, taking me further into an unknown area, but promising, because of the good condition of the roadway, a smooth journey. The focus was on the scenery and the journey.

The third photo saw me coming to civilization because of the clear areas around the road. I was out of the thick forest and could see into the distance, more roadway, but the sky welcoming me to something different, but unknown. This photo inspired me to hope for what is to come. I have come out from the unknown and into the light.

The fourth photo, appears as though we are going up a hill, and it was indeed a gentle creep to a hilltop, which connected with the sky. At the top looking over was my destination. It was in the distance, far but closer because of my vantage point. The journey was almost two hours.

The story of  life can be seen within the pictures. We may have similar journeys which appear at a glance to be the same, but with a closer look, its different. I am quick to share my experiences to illustrate a point if the circumstances appear similar. However, maybe appearances are different based on the view and position one takes in the situation.

As my children grow older, and make decisions and choices, I can’t shield them and protect them from the differences in the road they take for their journey. Many times I don’t understand and I’m anxious and worried, because it seems I’ve been on this road before. Perspectives, are big, in communication and relationships. No two people can see everything the same way. Maybe, at a glance one can think I’ve been down this road before, but if we look closer, the differences are clearer and sometimes too many to make sense of.

I’m still trying to be the best parent I can be. Maybe I don’t have all the answers, but this journey will never end, and I have to enjoy the view while making my way to the end.
Just thinking out loud, because its just you and me, and that winding road.

I am a mom, daughter, friend, businesswoman, lover of people, lover of places, lover of life, lover of God. Dwordslayer is who I am when I write, because I’m a lover of words and sharing their meaning. Thank you for reading and hope you will share with someone. Words can increase in value as they are shared – we may never know who may need the meaning, so lets give!

Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

Love Choices, and mushy movies

Thoughts on a rainy Saturday

I like to watch mushy romantic movies. They remind me of dreamy years, almost certainly eons ago. Most of these movies have a happy ever after ending, and they remind me that we choose our happiness path. So here are my thoughts on romantic love – it really is possible. I have seen many live stories and read many tales of forever after. I have even sat on the sidelines encouraging my friends in their love relationships. Looking in I am happy that love exists.

Stop asking – why are you single?

The love I know of did not last. I did not feel less than I should, because I was not the dream. The one you wish to wake up with in the morning, or the last person you want to see at night can be a fairytale or nightmare. The one to be loved and cherished, was not me. Does it make me less of a romantic or less real because I have spent most of my life chasing moonbeams while walking on the sands? Maybe I am the person with so much love to give, it’s too much  be received? Maybe, all the maybes are the consolation prizes for choices. Whatever the reason, I still believe that love, the passionate type exists for many, and is not there for everyone. Therefore, the stories of love, and movies which make us cry are a way to shed the emotions not used. It is indeed a happy time, when we can see our solitude and accomplishments, not in what we do not have , but in what we have right now.

My favorite romance song is ‘Lady in red’, and that’s followed by ‘Tonight’ by John Legend. When it comes to movies, ‘Think like a man’ from Steve Harvey’s book,  gives me goosebumps and brings on my water -works every time. Then there is Queen Latifa and Common in ‘Just Wright’ a 2010 movie, and I do enjoy the scene when the guy realizes he made a mistake! These Cinderella movies do help to keep one from being jaded. They share good times , bad times and some compromising times. For me these movies cause my heart to be filled with emotions even though I know the ending!

So what are your love choices… just think about them, and watch a movie. Sometimes we need a break from reality and a moment to appreciate our choices. Sometimes the blessing of your singleness should be celebrated and not shunned!

A bit of a flake but its all a part of me… and it feels good sharing with you!

Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Donna-Luisa Eversley and D-WORDSLAYER with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

Interviews and Beyond: Pamela Williams

Looking forward

The storyteller is so much more than one can imagine. We keep our dreams and thoughts locked away, because reality is lagging behind the adventures we seek from within. Our thoughts and dreams may appear as fiction but can be rooted in reality, and a future only found when we allow our stories to develop, as we live our lives. Going beyond is like looking in a mirror and creating our visions of the future world!

Pamela L. Pamela Williams is a woman with determination. The first time I read an article from her related to a community environmental meeting by some youths and I was hooked - Hope exists in the youth of our nation. Here is a woman who cares for what is right for her community and the environment. She seems as fearless as the warrior she writes about  in her fictional stories and will champion a cause to the end. Pamela is also willing to try something new, and was quite willing to activate a Skype account for us to chat about this interview. As we spoke, she was happy to share her experiences on social media and how exciting it has been learning automation from Paul Croubalian! I have not embraced that aspect of technology yet, but was sold after speaking with her! It is my pleasure to have Pamela accept this interview challenge and all its components - visual images to accent the responses! 

The Interview...

There is a lot to think about as it relates to the future - when you think about it. The world as we know it is growing at a phenomenal speed. We gain much with technology and yet our humanness seems questionable at times. The past has locked away the hurts from its present, sometimes remaining only as historically beautiful scars. What was, can impact on our society, but it all depends of what we have learnt from that era.

Donna-Luisa: Archeologists in the year 2054 discover there is life deep below a Mayan village lost in time. They need someone with your skills to help unlock their city for the world to see. The world no longer has any vegetation, but their world does. What will you do, and why?

Pamela: Thank you Donna-Luisa for asking me for an interview, I’m simply thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to you! Now as for these questions, you had me thinking hard about the answers, and so here we go:

  • When it comes to issues like this I can be highly opinionated. I just don’t believe that man has the right to intrude wherever he wants. So with that in mind, here is my humble opinion;
  • Man may be a higher form of life but we still possess an animal instinct. We also possess a strong sense of survival and self-preservation just like the animal kingdom. History has shown repeatedly that when our survival is in doubt we have the propensity to revert to a philosophy of survival of the fittest, both in action and thought.
  • Therefore my first instinct and action would be to protect the city. Opening the city to outsiders could result in the city being stripped of its vegetation. That would not be a risk I would be willing to take.
  • Instead I would develop a plan in which to gather seeds and cuttings to re-vegetate the external world.
Donna-Luisa: When you look out a starry sky, have you ever hoped something would zoom by? If you could make one wish to have a dream fulfilled at that moment what would it be?

Pamela: I want to feel like I’ve made a difference in the world. I’ve worked for years in positions that allowed me to provide for my daughter and give us a life that was stable. My own childhood had little stability and it affected my development and self-esteem. It was important to me that my daughter had the time and opportunity to discover herself and not constantly re-acclimating to new environments. Now that I have an empty nest my wish is to find satisfaction in what I do and if it happens to involve travel and seeing the world then I would truly be living my dream.

Donna-Luisa: You fell asleep in 2016 and awoke in 2026. This is the future. What do you wish to see outside?

Pamela: I’ve always believed in the potential for humanity to come to grips with all the issues that are impacting our world and be able to work together to resolve those issues. I would want to awake to a world
  • Where humanity finally accepted everyone’s individuality.
  • I would like to see the health of our planet and its inhabitants having a higher value than profit
  • I would like leaders around the world to put the wellbeing of people at the forefront in making decisions
  • I would like to see poverty eliminated
  • I would like to see greed eliminated
  • I would like to see fossil fuels eliminated as an energy source
  • I would like to see highways replaced with better forms of transportation and the land returned to its natural state
  • I would like to see the trash finally removed from our oceans and waterways
  • I would like to see our food sources not contaminated with chemicals
  • I would like to see more love in the world
  • I would like to see equality for all people
I am a liberal spirit and believe the leaders and shakers of this world owe it to humanity to ensure that all people have their basic needs met.

Donna-Luisa: You have an opportunity to go around the world in eighty days and live your dreams, where would you go and why? By the way, I forgot to mention you will be in an 'ocean hoover pod built by Elon Musk, with built in surround sound and can video blog!

Pamela: I don’t think there is a part of the world I Don’t want to see. All cultures interest me. The more different they are from the U.S. the more I want to witness them. What I’d really like to do is visit all the wonderful people I’ve met on social media and see life through their eyes.
I’m not overjoyed with ISIS and I think Putin needs to take a humbleness pill. But those are just a small part of a bigger picture. You can encounter danger anywhere but you can’t live in fear or you’re not living. I learned that the hard way.

As for the video blog, I’m not big on taking pictures while traveling. It’s not that I don’t want to; I just get so wrapped up in the moment I forget. My daughter and I used to take road trips whenever possible. Once we traveled down the U.S. east coast just so she could see the Atlantic Ocean at different points along the coast. I had a camera with me and totally forgot to take pictures. But, we have our memories.

Donna-Luisa: The United Nations has reached out to you for advice on how to help the refugees worldwide through social media. You are their Chief advisor on 'the internet of things'. What would you suggest?

Pamela: Of all the questions, this was is the hardest. The refugee issue is not one that is going to be solved quickly.

Many of the countries that are seeing the influx of the refugees are already having crises of their own. Take Greece for example. It’s no secret that they have faced some serious financial issues and yet they have seen thousands of refugees land on their shores. I’m not going to pretend to have an answer to this problem. It’s a huge problem and all countries are going to have to bite a bullet (suffer a few growing pains) and help the people. This isn’t an epidemic they’re trying to prevent; these are human beings escaping from an evil that we have not witnessed the likes of since the Third Reich terrorized Europe. We cannot allow such evil to happen again and whatever the other countries in the world have to do to stop it, then so be it.

I have a very soft heart and I can’t help but think about a time in these people’s lives when they were no more than babes being held by mothers just like me. Mothers that had the same dreams for their children, that most mothers have for a child; happiness, prosperity, and hope.

Despite my best efforts I can’t seem to maintain an angry outlook towards anyone. I can’t help but remember the day my daughter was born and all the dreams and hopes I had for her. Most people start their life that way and those that did not need to be pitied and helped, not rejected or killed. We have got to get past the survival-of-the-fittest mentality, because we are the human race, still animal lifeforms, but a much higher form of life.

Donna-Luisa: I do feel you on the refugee crisis which has become to my mind the greatest test of man's humanity and love. Saying we love and care means nothing unless we can make into action- help. It is a crisis which will take much more than money, words, and war, to correct. You consistently share your compassion for the environment and humanity with each situation in the future - from not wishing to harm a civilization for the gain of another to having a strong desire to see a much better world. Hope resonates as you share your thoughts even when circumstances are as difficult as the one with the refugees. You are all heart!

Pamela: Again Donna-Luisa, thank you for requesting an interview. It was fun contemplating the questions this week.

Donna-Luisa: Thank you Pamela for agreeing to take us beyond the surface, and deep into the mirror of your heart. I saw you for the first time, face to face via Skype last week and it was amazing. Getting to know you, through opening up my senses to your voice and your beautiful face was such a positive experience. Words are great to read, but it is even better when we can take a chance and step out, out of the world we know and into the unknown, to meet a kindred spirit. Technology has made it possible to expand our horizons, and show our 'affinity' with each other.

We have some surprises for you, our treasured readers! First, it is my pleasure to announce, the next episode of Pamela Williams  fictional sage of the young warrior is completed. Episode 4 will be published the day following this interview and I will make the title live as soon as its released!

The Seasons of Change – the harshness of winter (Episode 4)

The other surprise, is the YouTube link below, with D-wordslayer sharing some thoughts on this dynamic lady - Pamela Williams,, and the weather!

Bebee  and its Affinity network has made this exchange possible, through its social media platform which encourages engagement, creativity, and professional networking! At the time of publishing beBee announced Pamela Williams as one of its Ambassadors - Congratulations to  an amazing lady and friend living in North Carolina, USA!! 

Thank you for reading, viewing, engaging and sharing with us. Maybe you can go beyond into your future to find the answers in your mirror

Credit: Images via Google Search provided by Pamela Williams

Artwork: Artistree 

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Interviews and Beyond: Franci Eugenia Hoffman

We can learn a lot about a person from their past and their present, and if they will let us look beyond, we can find their hidden possibilities . This interview is about the way our imagination works. It is just a way of the storyteller, sharing another story. Each story is different, and yet they hold a treasure chest of  hope and possibilities !

I have asked Franci Eugenia Hoffman aka 'Brew & Spew' to embark on this challenge. This beautiful woman on your left looks like she is gazing deeply into your eyes, her thoughts least for a short while! That smile says, "I see you" (hahaha)

For our readers, imagine we are having a cup of coffee, whatever your favorite brew, and your thoughts go somewhere else. That wonderland is where my thoughts went as I sat imagining conversations with some of my favorite bloggers. Today I am pleased to share the questions and answers from this amazing writer. Sit back and relax as we go beyond the past to somewhere...

Franci Eugenia Hoffman

The interview - Going beyond

D-wordslayer: "Bloggers write, because we are thinkers. Thinkers are innovators. Sharing is much more productive than keeping thoughts to themselves. It is a good and true saying, "I think therefore I am."(anon) What happens between the present and the future, is like writing your name in sand. You can erase it anytime and make it bigger or smaller. Thus here are five questions about something that can be possible. You are my frame, share with me the picture in your own words for the future."( Eversley,2016)

How do you feel about time travel... do you think it will happen while you are here on this earth, if so would you try it?

Franci: Undoubtedly a fascinating subject, Donna-Luisa. Do I think it will happen while I am on earth? Well, I’m a little “out there” with my thoughts, but could it be it’s already happened? Have you ever had the feeling of déjà vu? It’s an eerie feeling to walk into a room and feel you have been there before. And how do you know you haven’t been there in another time?

Oh, and here is some food for thought. Have you heard of the “grandparents paradox”, where you could go back in time and prevent your grandparents from meeting and stop your own birth? I did some research on time travel and I don’t want to dive into the scientific ins and outs, but this is beyond intriguing from my point of view.

Would I try it? Good question and I’m not sure I would. I’m conservative in some ways and not too keen on messing around with Mother Nature. Whether going back or going forward in time, I would rather have a crystal ball to peer into, than experience the real thing

D-wordslayer: Do you have a dream, about something you would like to do in the future involving another country?

Franci: Donna-Luisa, I have had a dream about living in England for years. I traveled to London a couple of times, back in the late ‘80s, and fell in love with it. The reason for one of the trips to London was the tribunalization of our insurance agency by Lloyds of London. In order to be delegated authority by Lloyds, it’s a requirement for the Underwriters to meet the agency owners in person. Then the interested Underwriters will sign off a percentage of their participation in transfer of risk.

Putting the business portion of the trip aside, I loved London with so much to see and do. I was also able to take in some of the countryside, which is beautiful. My dream would be to live in London and be a well-known columnist. For me that would be the crème de le crème. By the way, I am connected to several WordPress fellow bloggers from England and sometimes live my dream in the words of their posts.
D-wordslayer: If you could give something to this world, to keep it around - what would it be?

Franci: This question, Donna-Luisa, is one I believe we all should ponder. Rather than people feel the world owes them something, they should be more concerned about others. I could go on and on with my POV but it’s no different than what’s been said before. 

When I am at a loss for words or feel a topic has been beat to death, I sometimes resort to my favorite author to relay my messages. With that said, I could select several quotes from Maya Angelou that pertain to the world and its current state of affairs but I will narrow it down into my “gives” to the world.

I would give the world love, peace and common sense.

And to quote Maya Angelou:
Love: “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”-Maya Angelou

Peace: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”-Maya Angelou

Common sense: “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”-Maya Angelou

And my favorite quote by Maya: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”-Maya Angelou

D-wordslayer: If you were elected president of your country what would be a policy or practice you would put forward?

Franci: If I were elected president – Wow!  Donna-Luisa, you have the knack for asking dynamite questions. Very stimulating, I might add.

I would limit the terms served by the House and the Senate.

“Members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every even year. Senators however, serve six-year terms and elections to the Senate are staggered over even years so that only about 1/3 of the Senate is up for reelection during any election.” See credits below.

I believe some of those that serve in the House and the Senate view their position as a career, and are more concerned about re-election and funding their campaigns. I don’t want to judge the majority by a few yet it seems the focus is more on their popularity and themselves rather than policy. To serve in the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate is a temporary assignment and not a career.

Yes, there are pros and cons on this subject, and there should be otherwise there would be no decisions to be made. I always welcome opinions from others. 

D-wordslayer: When you dream big dreams, what are you doing in them?

Franci: Funny you ask because my dreams are just that; they’re funny, whacky and usually make no sense. I dream in technicolor and have forever. The colors are very vivid and bright, similar to colors of spring flowers. Now to add a little confusion, I also dream in seasonal colors, but not always in the season at hand. Hey! You asked so bear with me.

In most of my dreams, I am driving a car. The car is usually similar to one I owned in the past. There are always other people in the car, some I know or have known; very rarely an unknown person. The setting for the dream is during nighttime and the moon is large, round and multi-colored against a sapphire sky.

We are always in a hurry to get somewhere, but I don’t know where. In the dream, I never reach a destination but we are always safe. This is a reoccurring dream! I guess I am trying to keep those that I know safe because sometimes we are driving through high water.

Perhaps, we should keep this dream just between us bees, know what I mean.:)

D-wordslayer: I see your dreams and they look so beautiful. Deep and strong, and filled with excitement, and adventure, drama and hope! From time travel to the senate all in technicolor, its amazing how your thoughts can manifest into incredible possibilities if it were to happen. Maybe, there is a movie or book yet to be written about you 'Madame Senator Hoffman'...that even sounds great! Hollywood here we come! 

Franci: Donna-Luisa, it was so good to hear your voice when we spoke the other day. You are such a warm person and I adore your accent. I am surprised we made it through our conversation without interference since there is such bad reception in our building.

And don’t you just love the beBee community? I find it truly like none other. So many professional, knowledgeable, kind and sincere people.

Before beBee, I cruised LinkedIn and became increasingly bored, especially when it started to change. I didn’t use Twitter much until I started my WordPress blog. I also have Pinterest, Tumblr and BingBing but my activity is insignificant. I am not a fan of Facebook, however, my husband likes it. He uses it to play games and chat with his family so I prefer to let him have it all to himself.

I can’t express how thrilled I am to be a beBee bee.

Well, it’s time to put a wrap on this chat and I have one last quote from Maya Angelou.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.”- Maya Angelou

Donna-Luisa, thank you for taking the time to interview me and thank you for your continued support on BrewNSpew.  See you on beBee!

D-wordslayer: It sure has been fun and quite interesting reading this exchange of thoughts Franci. It was a pleasure hearing her voice for the first time, and yes folks, she sounds like a movie star , the real deal! We are so much more than what we show on the outside. Dreams can be real when we give them the life of an imaginary thought! To live without dreaming would be to live a life without possibilities and challenges, hope and feeling. To feel something for this life on earth is only the beginning. Franci gave us a small look into her 'beyond', and I challenge you to think about your own beyond.

Thank you Franci Eugenia Hoffman, for sharing and giving us these images which capture your thoughts. I'm seeing you in my frame and you look awesome!

***This first interview I hope took you beyond, to see your dreams, as you seek to imagine possibilities!

"beBee friendly, and share your views, share with a friend, as our words should never end!"

Check out 'Brew and Spew' and see what Franci has hiding - I found this today, so when you click its a surprise. Oh and here is another which may tickle the bee in you!


Artwork: Artistree 

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Another Dance

  Photo Credits: Kaharlyt Another Dance   Move onto the floor Gaze around in this place Find the one who connect...