Sunday, 7 August 2016

Just Thinking Out Loud:5 - Jason Versey " Not Black and White"

Something Different...

I belong to a small private messaging group which has stood the testing of the past few months. We are all connected to John White, but not necessarily to each other...that connection comes as we write, respond and share. I think about this group as a Think Tank  and we do seem to share so much more than blogging.

We are an example of diversity and professionalism, creativity and innovation, compassion and love for each other, and much more. Somehow we have formed a strong bond, dropping in to connect whenever we can, and it seems we are quite consistent. I recently shared with these friends that I like them more than cadbury chocolates and applesauce - two things I enjoy for both celebrations and sad times. Interestingly, when consuming each I savor the flavor and taste, and in a similar way embrace the words we share.

Most of us are on, and I do hope when group messaging kicks in we can find a new home for our words.

Today I thought, while on the beach about sharing an article which was published on LinkedIn and Huffington Post by Jason Versey. Be can assured that he took all my breaths away and for a short while passion filled me up, so fiercely my thoughts stood still.

Have you ever read something which pushed all your buttons and left fire ignited to an inferno? Well he did that to me and I needed the sea, to cool me as inspiration took hold.

I'm just thinking out loud and thankful for the words written by others who share their life, their hope and their experiences.

The post shared is on 'privilege’ and what that condition really means. It is a condition of acceptance of who we are and what we believe about ourselves as we live our lives. You can take away liberation, or anything else you are inspired to embrace.

Introducing.... Jason Versey
** With the water in the background I've tried to do an introduction to this article from Jason. Hope you enjoy!!

Privilege is not Black and White

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