Thursday, 11 August 2016

How much do I love beBee ...let me show you!

What are my thoughts on 'beBee Affinity network' ? This is a question I've been asked in many ways and after giving deep thought and consideration my answer is best shared as below...

My Experience has become my go to place for reading, exploring, sharing opinions and getting involved with like minded bloggers.

I started thinking about beBee before I logged in. John White mentioned a new social media site, and can recall sending him a couple messages asking... "is it ready yet?"

What does it all mean, getting active on a new social media platform with a Spanish base looking to break into the English market, and in fact the rest of the world?
Well for starters, for many years I have been learning Spanish as a second language without a significant opportunity to practice. For me its one of the jackpot bonuses with beBee, and I am reading more Spanish and have found I'm enjoying testing myself! Habla espanol.

The next thing I love, and it was as easy as Paul Crobalian advised, that's publishing! On beBee I'm a busy bee on a production line, and I love 'producing' my honey aka words to be shared. I also favor the color orange and when I quote that orange line on the side makes my post look all designer and fashionable. Look closely and you'll see what I mean!

beBee has 'hives', and like real hives there is a lot of activity taking place as categories are created by producers ( bloggers), making it easy to share to the folks aka bees, who are interested in my topic! The thing about hives I just discovered, is you can never lose posts, it can be found wherever shared!

Next is the conversation. I love the way these bees buzz. For a new site, there is a lot going on. In fact, keeping up with my favorite writers is a lot of fun. These are real people, sharing, commenting and keeping topics of interest alive! That's what I love about social media, and beBee gives me that communication satisfaction! Tagging is easy, and this can help a post to get the reach needed to attract a huge audience.

I love the layout and the way there is a steady stream of posts available. Its like the heaven for bloggers, with a lot of mutual respect, even from the owners of this site.

Its quite common to see Javier or Juan  commenting or sharing on a post, but then, these guys are so cool they did a music video! What's important is being able to ask a question and have bees swarming to answer when the 'jefe bees' are not around. They will probably be looking for the 'jefe bees' while reading this, because their humility shines with each interaction.

As the new kid on the social media block its not perfect, but we get to be a part of creating an atmosphere, which encourages bloggers and readers to interact and relax and enjoy the ride. As a professional network, everyone is much more than a resume, or job description. This matters to me, as business development is not just about connections and views, but real interaction and quality sharing. At beBee, when I share my posts they reach their desired destination!

How much do I love beBee let me count the ways.... 1 to 20 million? No, maybe 1 to infinity because 'affinity' will take us there.

I've been trying to find just the right way to say, come over my friends, and I think this is a cool way to do it while beBee-in me! So here I am, a happy bee, a social bee, a professional bee, a friendly bee, D-wordslayer bee,  and I can relax and be me.

The Island Bee
While relaxing on the beach, I had a dream....
And in the sand, on my island,
I saw beBee...
And as I gazed out, I saw the ocean and the water,
The sea whispered to me,
So sharing with you
Chooses to be
Where affinity has welcomed me

Hope you enjoy reading and listening! Thank You!

** Special Thanks to John White, Paul Crobalian, Michael Hillebrand for inspiring this post!

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