Yesterday Was...

Yesterday was...

It has been a difficult journey, but it has an end. Maybe, I should not consider it an end but a continuation. I met a very beautiful woman yesterday. She has challenges after an injury ‘on the job’, and it appears compassion is in short supply at her place of employment.

As she spoke, I listened. Sometimes that’s all anyone really wants. Someone to share their story with, and maybe hoping for some inspiration and advice on moving forward.

We cannot live in the past, and must move forward, always. Looking back should simply be just that - a rear view glance, with eyes quickly moving forward. Its okay to be broken for a moment. That is the past. The present means getting up and accepting the ‘new you’. If you are fortunate after an accident and still employed, count your blessings.

Life should not be so hard when the unexpected happens, but it is. Embrace your today, and know your future will be brighter!

In Peace

( From  Advocacy Anonymous Sunday 9th July, 2017)

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