Mother's day and what it means to be called Mom...

Many of us have the privilage to be called Mom, either because we gave physical birth or because we loved someone enough to be called Mom. 

Being in a state of mommyness is everlasting and is something many of us have as a big part of that nurturing spirit we choose to embrace. Being a mommy aka mom aka mamee aka mother goes beyond one day, indeed it can take a lifetime to fullfill that honorable role and still be giving.
There is no perfection in being a mom, as we can be boh loved and hated , revered and revolted against by those we call our own. As mom, we have a great capacity for forgiveness, sharing of wisdom and selflessness. 

On this day, I'm not interested in all the fancy declarations of love and simultaneous good wishes and commercialization of the essence of being mom. Instead, I am humbled by the enormity of the task we all undertake, as caretakers of the human race. I'm remembering those who came before me, cried before me, spread love before me, and died before me, because they too played an important role in the lives of others.

To all the CHAMPION MOMMIES out there... God loves and values all you do. I am remembering my great grandma, grandmas, mamee, and all the wonderful momies I have learned and been loved by. Today is much bigger than this moment, but we still need the moment to celebrate the beauty of the woman we all call mom.
Happy Mother's Day...

Toasting with champagne words and a loving heart!
Be blessed and encouraged!!!

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