Dreamcatcher Tales

Photo Credits: unsplash.com/Andrew Baxter/Ella Jardim

Dreamcatcher Tales

The winds blew hard
And the raindrops tip-toed
The shutters banged,
And the doors blew open.
That flash of light,
Sails into a bedroom scene
The dreamcatcher comes knocking
To release your fantasies.

Cinderella had her stories
Snow White and Rapunzel too.
The big book when it opens
tells how dreams can come true.
With a click of the heels,
and red shoes for a prize,
The Dreamcatcher comes knocking,
to give your surprise.

The leprechauns and fairies,
Birds, frogs and trees,
Tell wonderful stories of how things can be.
When the night comes,
the enchantment,
and hidden surprise,
Give life to all the wonders
hidden beneath your Dreamcatcher’s eyes.

Of the stars and the moon,
that play upon your pillow and slumber,
flashes the Dreamcatcher
Who anticipates your wonders.
The butterflies and owls,
are the midnights servers and friends,
bringing all dreams
To a wonderous end.

The Dreamcatchers web,
holds the horrible tales,
the things made for nightmares,
When sadness assails.
With a swift hand and a silver web,
a net that drags away all fears,
leaving feathers, and marshmallows
For sleep without cares.

As the morning light streams in,
awakening with light.
The shadows stretch out,
What a wonderful night.
The Dreamcatcher,
my hero, web weaver supreme,
Thank you for always letting in,
all my wonderful dreams!


Eugi's Causrie weekly prompt is inspiration for poem!

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  1. Your poem is a fairytale in itself. Beautifully written and filled with magic. Your poetic side shines, Donna-Luisa!

    1. Thank you Eugenia...it surely is coming out with your mentorship 🌺🌺😁

  2. What a beautiful poem. Loved it so much. :-)

    1. Thank you @gdutta17 I appreciate your feedback. Very happy for your 😍😍


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