Swirling Thoughts


Photo Credits: unsplash.com/Marek Okon

You got me stumped,

Now I must think.

How can I even contemplate,

the idea of swirling?

Its either an ice-cream being swirled in a mix,

Or maybe it’s some plasticine,

Made from rows of colored sticks?

I’m not sure if I got this one,

And I’m not sure if I can see,

If anything around can swirl into my brain,

Just to make sense of this word ‘swirl’ for me.


At first I thought maybe its dancing,

With my skirt swirling around my knees,

But suddenly realized I’d fall flat on my face

If some swirling really took place!

Considering next a few splashes of paint

Thrown on a paper to create a design,

Suddenly that swirl made a lot of sense

Understanding right before my eyes.

So okay Eugenia, think I’ve got a writing plan

And a way to take swirl ‘mainstream’.

Kindly make it a little easier, for me to think again

Cause this one, is hodgepodge on my screen!



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Eugi’sCauserie weekly prompt is the inspiration for this poem.

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  1. A delightful piece full of your fun and enjoyable swirling ideas, Donna-Luisa! 🌼

    1. Thank you Eugenia. It was indeed a bit of fun while writing. I appreciate your comment very much! :-)

  2. You are such a talented poet! I loved how you thought about swirling!

  3. You've got a bunch of nice swirling going on.
    If you say you were stumped I'd have to disagree :D
    Well done.

    1. haha it was quite hard Jules, but a few hours in exasperation doodled this poem based on my thoughts - did not think it was a poem until I wrote it down! Thank you for compliment!


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