A Rainbow Of Hope


Photo Credits: unsplash.com/Jason Pognacnik

There are rainbows in life that tip the scales

They come when life happens

When good intentions fail.

If suddenly you feel sadness and fear

Just remember a rainbow is waiting right there.

You see, the rain must fall

For the grass to grow,

And there must be some weather

For the waterways to flow.

The thunders must sound to keep us cozy inside

There must be some noise

To help the little children hide.

For the rainbow to come,

The rain must subside,

Cause looking out through the window

The colors will come alive.

It’s a symbol of hope

And a lesson for folks to see,

That even when you cry

Eventually, you can be happy.

The rainbow only comes forward

After the rain is in the past,

Its your miracle when life happens

To say tough times will never last!



Eugi’sCauserie weekly prompt is the inspiration for this poem.

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  1. This is such a beautiful and consoling piece, Donna-Luisa! It's melodious like a fine tuned orchestra! One of my favorites of those that you have written. ❤️

    1. Thank you..it can soo fluidly, as I sat to complete the other...so I started to write and there it was..consoling me, as you quite rightly discovered. Appreciate you stopping by 🌻🙂

  2. Once there was a complete arch double rainbow over our local airport.
    I wish I had a camera at the time... But I've captured other rainbows and they will have to do ;)

    (Jules from Eugi's rainbow prompt)

    1. You seem quite good with a camera Jules, this is great! Thank you for stopping by my rainbow :-)


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