An Empowered Life...Watch Me As I Walk


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Watch Me As I Walk

Watch me as I walk
My hips may shake a bit
These legs they still look strong
No heels on to give them a lift
My shoulders don't slouch
And my waist is a wee bit round
But I'm sure you will not notice
As I strut and sing my song.
I've got the silver streaks
My hair has lived through many trips
A real natural beauty
With some personality
From my lips.

Watch me as I walk,
Confident glow of womanhood at its peak
A lifetime journey ,and stories of which I speak
My aging has never been in vain
A point my look defines
I've got the music in my brain
Can dance, sing, and you will gaze
I can still hold my own on the town
Older and wiser,
Yes, I have been around!

Watch me as I walk
See the mystery
I’ve been living my life more than breathing
I know all the pebbles on the street.
You call me grandmother, wife, sister, daughter or friend
I’ve made my life,
A story I will defend
Just watch me as I walk
Strong woman,
God’s miracle worker
Life holder, heaven sent!

This is a global subject and affects women worldwide. In admiration and respect for all women in all corners of the world who support and promote our young girls and women's rights. This is for the men who support and work with us. In solidarity. Thank You!

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** Adapted - Originally published in 2017 on this blog,

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