Let Me Get To Extraordinary


Photo Credits: unsplash.com/Denys Nevozhai

Let me get to extraordinary

Life keeps getting better all the time

Makes me smile.

There are many places to know,

I’m just itching to go.

I just want to see everything this world can present at my feet

That’s extraordinary.

Taking the pencil beyond its sphere,

To find what life is doing to me here.

I’m at a place that I don’t want forever to keep me,

Want to feel the sand,

In another land.

Touch, taste and see,

Want everything for me

To be extraordinary!




Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt is the inspiration for this poem.

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  1. I love this! "I want to feel the sand in another land", something many of us dream of like a paradise to call our own. Beautifully written, Donna-Luisa.

    1. Eugenia, as it came I felt those lines and saw London, St Vincent , Suriname..just a reminder I live an extraordinary life..thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  2. This is great! I used to travel a lot. Through traveling I found a place I love. A place that now I happily call home.��

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Heather... I miss being on a plane and feeling the sun in different places, smelling the air and seeing different people. hope to find that one place where my heart says Yes.


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