Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 - Live.Live.Live

"Do not go through the motions of life, but give your life its expression from your heart and you will find you live!' 

As I closed 2015 my hearts advice for myself I shared with the world. Live. Live. Live. It is the beginning , and it is such a strong feeling walking into 2016. My God must have loved me special for this moment to come. He must love you special too, if you are here reading this message!

These words present themselves to me, and they only have power if you will let them flow through your lives;

The heart knows its way
which path to follow
The mind knows its way 
what it feels it should think
The soul knows its purpose
Let it live, so you will know it too!

To live is not easy. It requires a decisive acknowledgement that an action must be performed. We must wake up and show up to life, and then begin the action of living. It is something you learn to focus on when your back is against the wall, and your hope in what was has gone. To live becomes an action in survival. It is no longer a luxury of chance.

It is much harder to live when everything is going well and there is no thought of time and living. The motions are automatic as time is discarded absentmindedly. The losses are swift and not painful until the end arrives and there is no time - simply odes of "I wish" or "if I only had".

I challenge you, and I challenge me to take the action to live daily. Step into the water filled with rocks, the unknown, and conquer discovery. It is only as we live that we can do something for another - love, share, give, comfort, inspire!

The past has gone a second ago. Live. Live. Live.


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