Saturday, 23 January 2016


Turmoil and testing… a real life

Do you see the storm as it brews in your life? The way it comes and goes making everything seem upside down. At work and home, but mainly in your heart, where you feel the shadows taking residence. That’s the best way I can describe the knocks of life sometimes.
The rough and tumultuous seas will roar with thunder, overshadowing all that is good sometimes for more than a moment. I understand. It is a part of the yin & yang of life creating balance and keeping symmetry so we won’t fall too far into the unknown. The challenges and rough times do help us to feel the ‘whole’ of life in a different way. Outside of our bubble is the unknown, a world where anything -good and bad are possible. It is the way we gain that tougher skin, to take on  the adverse weather conditions. It is the only way we can ‘make our life beautiful again’. It is our teaching in survival.

Reflection: My heart still beats because its alive!

A beating heart is a beautiful thing. It is the beauty which is always there whatever the situation. It is rich with action,and it moves with rhythmic flow, shooting wildly as it pumps life. It is beautiful, whatever the storm, and resides within us. We feel, we know and we can love our life. I remember. I can see it all beautiful again!
Have a great weekend!
Artwork: Artistree
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