Thursday, 14 January 2016

Let's Talk..Communication 6

Communication & The Customer!

The customer can be many things including the reason you’re working daily! No customer, no work. That’s as straight as it gets!
Customers expect to be served. It is a necessity of getting business – providing a service. How you communicate with your customers will determine the quality of relationships developed. Building trust will increase repeat business and referrals – and that’s an essential for everyone!
Trust is earned, so your service has to be authentic! Meeting expectations based on promises is important. Work towards exceeding expectations! Remember to always keep the customer informed. The best advantage is communication!
It’s easy to keep in touch with your customer and he knows if you value him he can access you easily. Use technology to your advantage and increase the opportunities through direct communication! You can message, leave voicemail or voice notes, and even have visual interaction remotely! Wow your customer -let your follow up lead your business!
It’s all about creating that memorable experience between the customer and you!
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