Monday, 22 May 2017

Failing Up

There is only one ‘F’ word we fear as business people

The thing about life is we don’t ever know when we will succeed or when we will fail.

Yes, I’ve said it. The most difficult F word we try to avoid as business people is Fail. Its considered a negative word and one which should be replaced by a few words or phrases, such as “ it was an interesting period”, “ we did the best we could based on the circumstances”, or maybe we can simply say, “it was the result of an unexpected challenge.” Well let me change the way we admit when defeat happens. I failed. I thought I had all my bases covered, thought the challenges would eventually be overcome. I failed to prepare for the possibility I would need an exit strategy sooner than expected, and one day I had a head on crash.

Of course after the fact, there are many things I could have done better. At the time though, when the walls were closing in survival was not as important as not failing. That ‘F’ word happened but I gained much more than I expected from my experiences.

The next step is …UP

The greatest thing about being at the bottom of your business plan, is getting up and being ready for round 2. In a boxing match there are as many as 9 to 12 rounds and it can get really bloody and messy.

To be a successful business entrepreneur, you really need to get up and get going to the next round. Sometimes a referee will halt the match, allowing one of the fighters to get help and catch his breath. Take that opportunity and breathe, the business can wait, while you regroup and focus on the next round.

After a few moments for a boxer its time to jump back into the ring and give it your all. Even when the match is over, it does not mean the fight is over. It just means the person who lost has a chance to fight another opponent or to have a rematch. The loser may have failed the battle, but once his spirit is not broken, he gets back in and is ready for the next match. The businessman who has taken risks and lost, is the same one who can win the next time he takes a chance or invests in another opportunity.

I’ve finished one fight, and the battle scars are there. Its no longer a question of if I will fight again, but when I will be ready for my next business venture! This is it. I’m “failing up” and I’m going to hit the rings like I’m Muhammed Ali!

The Knock out punch

Here are somethings to remember when you land on the ground face first;
  1. There is no reflection looking back at you. The ground only feels your presence. Get up, and sit for a moment. Take in your surroundings and have a cup of coffee as you do your brownie leg squat .
  2. Find a mirror, and make sure you look at yourself daily. You are alive and its just another day in paradise. You took a chance, and the ride was great while it lasted. Time for a new ride!
Even with a gazillion bills, you need your health, so take a walk, go to the gym, plan some time out for you. At this point, you’re probably broke, but the nearest savannah is free. Walk because you can.

  • Everyone around you continues to do their job. Life has moved on, and you need to also. Don’t beat yourself up. You did well actually. You’re going to master the art of failing soo well you can convert that experience to ‘Failing Up!’

  • Only those privileged to face the floor can face the sky when getting up. Convert the missteps to something only experience can propel. Take your expertise to the next stage. Congratulations, you just Failed Up!

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    Originally published  at The Marketing and Growth Hacking Publication on March 16th, 2017

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