Saturday, 27 May 2017

Music to my Mood - It speaks for itself!

I Look to you.
I sure look to my savior Jesus Christ when I feel the overwhelming hatred of the politics of the world and its negative impact on the people of the world. I sure feel for refugees / immigrants and displaced people, the homeless and those fighting to keep their families together and alive.

When You Believe.
Yes, I sure believe that we can be better people if we pause our busy lives and look closely at those we can bless with a miracle. Maybe it may seem hard if you think miracles can only come from God, but he has blessed your life with a heart which can be opened up if we allow it.

Maybe Heaven sent an Angel called you - I need an angel

When you figure out what you can do, keep it quiet. There is no need for the right hand to know what the left is doing. Just do it, without desiring accolades and enrichment. The joy of helping others and being an angel of love, hope, kindness, compassion and mercy. What could be greater, than being a blessing to others - nothing - in my opinion!

These are just some random thoughts with music from YouTube.
All credit for listening inspiration goes to be given to musicians, artists and persons uploading videos for our shared enjoyment.

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