My Canopy

Photo Credits: Qian


A Canopy of Faith

Which I profess

My life is a story

Of the times, I’ve been blessed.

A childhood of joy, mirrored with some pain and sadness

But there is always my hope

My life in this world.


There are very few times

My faith has not been tested

Indeed, but for my beloved Jesus

My heart would not have rested.

This canopy of hope has resulted from my faith

The lessons from life

Proved my God is great.


I’m covered by a canopy

Which keeps me safe at night

Giving me protection

Cloaking with its light.

As my destiny unfolds

Let me share this with you

Jesus Christ is a canopy; for me and for you.


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Eugi's Causerie weekly prompt is inspiration for this poem.

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  1. Such beautiful words, Donna-Luisa! So heartfelt and full of hope! ❤️

  2. Thanks for stopping by Suzette Benjamin😊. I appreciate your understanding. Indeed it is like a devotional.Enjoy your weekend.🌴😎

  3. Nice lines: "Indeed, but for my beloved Jesus

    My heart would not have rested." I agree.

  4. Thank you is these wonderful experiences with Jesus that make life so much more bountiful. Your shared comments are appreciated. 🌺



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