Another Dance


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Another Dance


Move onto the floor

Gaze around in this place

Find the one who connects with you

As you seek to find your space.

Move your eyes to the left

With a smile and a glance

Sway gently to the sounds,

Its your music, so just dance.


Move your feet with a lift

Take your eyes away from him

Just focus on the sound

As you quickly move around.

Its your night, your time to shine

Your eyes revert to seek him out

Its okay to dance for him to see

Give him a dance for memory.


Dance, dance

It’s just another night to put on a show

Fast or slow no one else will know,

Don’t give into the eyes

That are waiting patiently

To return to the arms that forever will be

A reminder of the night when they first met

Dance my darling, life has no regrets.




Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt has guided my thoughts, inspiring a passionate outpouring as above.


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  1. What a beautiful and romantic poem, Donna-Luisa! Thank you so much for joining in. 💖


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