Thinking back


No longer playful

I used to be.

The trees always beckoned me.

Loved hiking, the water, trekking in the wild.

Playfully lit with spontaneous smiles.


No longer playful

I used to be.

Running a thousand steps, happily.

As the gates opened, my strides went to the line.

Playfully running; happiness was mine.


Forgot how to be playful

Probably too old to be.

It requires activity, that feels uneasy.

Got to get back that spark, and desire for fun

The clock has been ticking; its time for the sun.


Thinking back from the past

Reflections have begun,

On the days when playing was actually done.

Will book me a weekend, at a place far away

Hopefully I will find, some time to play!


Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt has inspired the above!


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  1. I feel the same way, Donna-Luisa! Seems as we get older, it's all work and no play. And since the lockdown, play has been put on the back burner. We need to set aside playtime and have fun! Delightful poem and I am always thrilled when you join in. 😍

    1. Thanks Eugenia.. I'm addicted. Know I don't know anyone, but its quite fun reading all the contributions. Maybe this is sure gets me thinking outside of work! I'm such a ol fuddy duddy these days! :-). Always appreciate you dropping by!


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