Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas Nostalgia - Leaving Christmas...

It is Old Year's day. The day before the new year begins and back then there was the anticlimactic feeling, that tomorrow would bring a new day. For many years my dreams for the new year would be that my life would be different somehow. It seems that child I was - wanted and embraced change because of the unknown..

Old year's day had so much activity and waiting. I looked forward to hearing the fireworks, screams of "Happy New Year" and sometimes watched the television with my eldest sister - waiting on midnight. At the stroke of midnight we would hug and share greeting with anyone who was awake. Then the New Year began with a sweet sleep!

It was the 'bussing (bursting) of bamboo' which brought the new year in for a long time - it was and still is a 'Trini thing'! When I was fully aware of fireworks and their colors we would look out of our window, my sisters and I and make wishes on the lights as they streamed into the sky's oblivion!

From my memories there was a lot of hope, faith and God in each new year. There was Church on New Year's morning for giving thanks for seeing life continue. There were also the the plans for the school term starting soon. Still a smell of lingering Christmas remained in the air. That magical hope which all children walk away with at the end of the holiday season.

Life started anew. The sun came out and the music changed almost automatically - Carnival is another season once Christmas is ended. The party has just begun.

Happy New Year -2016!

* Thank you for following the chronicles on my Christmas Nostalgia. It has been great reminiscing with you. Stay close as Life and Carnival- Trinidad & Tobago Style will be coming soon!


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