Saturday, 19 December 2015

Seeking the light - A beautiful prelude....

Some positive light!
When I look above on a bright day, the sun shines and glitters reflecting an orange brilliance and earthy green undertones. For me that is my beautiful sky. Yes there are yellows and whites but on that perfect day I can see colors. On those days the sunset glows like the picture of this sunset!
My Hope
I want to see the sun with its orange and green
I want to know it will smile right back on me
To bask in the radiant beautiful glow
To feel warmth and the freedom of the sun on my nose
I hope to see in this darkness a glimmer of light
In the wind, in the rain, in my darkness , just something right
I wish to pray to my father just to understand why
How this world could be so evil, with so little humanity inside
How do the lives exist bringing torment and pain
How do the innocent perish - why the hurt its all insane
I want to see the sun, it is the highest point of hope
I want to trust in its beauty  and not see blackness unfold
How can the sun shine its golden light in the middle of a desolate day
How can the stars share their tiny rays  in a world filled with hate
When will my orange and green sun sparkle  on the earth next to me
Today- I long to see the sun with its rays shining back in all its glory...
Poetry and verse are typically the way my thoughts come through as emotions. There is always hope, even when it seems hopeless. The light of God sure shines in and makes us a peace which will surpass everything we can think to understand!
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