Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Nostalgia - A Cinderella Moment

After Boxing Day things did not slow down. There was always a lot of discussions about what the adults would wear on Old Year's night to church or a party. While we were never directly a part of the Old Year's night / New Year's day gala, it was a time us kids were happy with the excitement and frenzy of shopping and getting ready!

I loved the times my mom spent shopping for the right dress or fabric to make something beautiful for that one night. Mom loved Elizabeth Taylor and GiGi ( Zsa Zsa ) Gabor two very stylish actresses and her style was from their template! The parties to celebrate the end of the old year were glitzy and shiny, and she seemed to look forward to the event in anticipation annually. Maybe she was hoping Santa would send her a real prince to replace the last one ( resisting the urge to call him a toad)!

My mother could sew like a fashion designer, and maybe part of my creative nature comes from seeing her make her 'Cinderella' dresses to go to the ball Old Years night!

Mom loved hair, make-up and wigs and would let us try on her pieces and some lipstick as she got ready! I loved butterflies and to me my mom was the most beautiful butterfly as she transformed for her Cinderella moments.

Those were the times which made me realize what mattered most to my mom. She would always share the beauty in the times of little and could make our world that much bigger with her hope, positive thinking and sheer ability to transform all negatives into a positive. I longed to be a butterfly and still hope all my dreams will one day come true!

Happy Christmas Season!

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